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Thread: Triple ascention this Friday

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    Default Triple ascention this Friday

    Or Saterday depending on who all shows up Friday XD

    nonblighted peak of Draak Academy island

    1:00am to 1:30am US Eastern time

    Ramythis, Leeif, and Kheleshya

    New members of the helian faction unite!

    All are welcome whoever doesn`t know way, there will be guides.


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    Default Re: Triple ascention this Friday

    Ascention will be tonight instead. Seeing no one replied. I`m guessing none will show up, but meh.

    after tonight. plz delete this post as will be expired. XD

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    Default Re: Triple ascention this Friday

    Ramythis, Leeif, and Kheleshya, congratulations on earning your ascension! :-)

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    Default Re: Triple ascention this Friday

    For those who couldn`t make it last night, here`s a mini collage picture set of the ascention.

    Sorry if text is small wouldn`t let me upload it larger. O.o
    to full view please visit here

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    Default Re: Triple ascention this Friday

    ...I manage to miss EVERYTHING important lately. :/

    I blame having to host my Terraria server. XD
    Coleraon Pesong, Warrior of Order

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