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Thread: Client 384 Changes and Known Issues

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    Default Client 384 Changes and Known Issues

    This page lists all changes for the 384 series client, as well as known issues. This client is currently in testing on Blight.

    Please carefully check this list before submitting a but report at

    With the latest client, if a crash occurs, the client will offer to send logs to the server. After logs have been sent, please submit a support ticket with notes on what you were doing at the time. The support team will coordinate your crash logs with your notes, and provide to the developers.

    Current Client Issues:
    None at this time

    Current Client Fixed Issues:
    * FIXED 384.38 FIX: Performance improvement for areas with high density of objects, especially player towns. ticket:2877
    * FIXED 384.38 Non-collide objects have calculated bounding volume, even though manual volume specified. Should make resource selection much easier. ticket:2869
    * FIXED 384.35 Problems with key mapping for non us-english keyboards ticket:2626
    * FIXED 384.35 Resources sometimes get a very small shadow close to where they meet terrain
    * FIXED 384.35 Window positions are not saved if window is set to auto-open = false ticket:632
    * FIXED 384.33 Blob shadows don't always appear on entities, depending on load order
    * FIXED 384.32 If running in full screen and an exception occurs, the crash dialog is not visible. ticket:2804
    * FIXED 384.32 Khutit <-> Dragon form changing doesn't work ticket:2806
    * FIXED 384.32 Crash in some cases with network messages being extra cleaned up


    FEATURE: Change the color of the quest step active indicator
    FEATURE: If having trouble sending data to server, provide feedback in chat window
    FEATURE: Add command /lasttarget
    FEATURE: Allow objects to fade into scene instead of popping (not all objects can be faded, depending on shader used)
    FEATURE: Added support for querying for monitoring resolution instead of hard coded list
    FEATURE: Showing item icon if no 3D priview is available.
    FEATURE: Re-enabled globalReflectMapEnabled (by default is disabled), part of trying to get worldReflect shaders working
    FEATURE: New texture limiting option, minimumTextureLevel and minimumCharTextureLevel
    FEATURE: Breakpad for uploading crash logs to server
    FEATURE: Added average and max FPS to FPSWindow
    FEATURE: If there are items in storage, do not allow structure to be deleted


    FIX: Allow switching between non-roman keyboards character sets
    FIX: Fixed bug with text shaders
    FIX: Fix problem with loading message window causing crash at shutdown - HorizonsUILoadWindow.cpp
    FIX: Fixed crash after character creation
    FIX: Tutorial Action Window tutorial not cancelling correctly
    FIX: Work around for for sectors that have swapped X and Y. Regions don't consistently show up
    FIX: Prevent level up effect from playing more than once
    FIX: Lightning Claws Sound Loops over and over
    FIX: Item preview is warped at top and bottom for items
    FIX: Prevent inventory and character windows from being open at start-up to improve load time and prevent occasional log-in trouble.
    FIX: Check underwater condition only when client is loaded.
    FIX: Add real shadow support and introduce optimizations to shadow calculation
    FIX: Recalculate shadows when equipped items changes
    FIX: When in developer mode, always show item primitive_def_id in item details window
    FIX: ModelPreviewSpinRate for item 3D preview rotation in item details.
    FIX: After changing shadow details, display message in chat box that restart is required
    FIX: Ability tab under character doesn't sort level proper
    FIX: Change default of lists so that they are sortable by default
    FIX: Removed maxImageSize pref, as no longer used
    FIX: By default, models are loaded at their best quality, instead of starting low quality.
    FIX: Revisit Graphic Pref defaults and overhaul
    FIX: Resolve crash with clientlookups.def
    FIX: Character hops around after logging in
    FIX: Fixed bug with selection beams color
    FIX: Objects Marked as Developer Only are Visible
    FIX: If deleting storage structure, prompt if items in storage
    FIX: Fixed selectNearestEnemy /sne command.
    FIX: Prevented crash at startup if texture level changed
    FIX: Fixed loading low detail textures.
    FIX: Added function horizonShader::setShadowDarkness(float alpha) to adjust darkness of shadows
    FIX: Reduce shadow darkness
    FIX: UI changes to make plot window permissions easier to understand
    FIX: Fixed double reporting for printProps
    FIX: Initial structure rotation changed to 180'
    FIX: Resource node shaders working proper
    FIX: Transparency not working for bridge
    FIX: Double characters on screen
    FIX: Crash while Terrain Editing
    FIX: Fix for crash with lots of terrain cached
    FIX: PrintProps? truncates very long feedback text (try /printprops)
    FIX: Khutit <-> Dragon Form Changing
    FIX / FEATURE: Changed to use out of process application which uploads crash dumps.
    FIX: Fixed a few bugs with blob shadows.
    FIX: Crash fix for characters being unload and compositor trying to do work
    FIX: Saving window props if SaveOpened? == false.
    FIX: Fixed bug with the shadow flickers.
    FIX: Remove setting of language for keyboard because it caused problems with non-english keyboards
    FIX: Crash fix for string allocation because of release build compiler optimization
    FIX: Tutorial crash build
    FIX: Adjust chat window layout for improved readability
    FIX: Crash fix in checking ignorePath when loading files.
    FIX: Fixed crash related to terrain editing
    FIX: call InitializeCriticalSection? before the 'decoder' thread started, to ensure of using correct CS state in this thread to avoid crash state.
    FIX: Crash fix when loading vault. line 365: var "m_pPlayer" can be NULL.


    MAINTENANCE: Increase default packet size to 1500 bytes for high and low speed clients - allow transport to negotiate best packet size.


    OPTIMIZATION: Optimize base class for all game objects (TBaseEntity)
    OPTIMIZATION: Refactoring and optimization for class TCharacterEntity
    OPTIMIZATION: Optimize and Convert to STL TVirtualArray
    OPTIMIZATION: In release build all dprintf calls replaced with empty macros.
    OPTIMIZATION: All simple functions marked with inline modifier for basic UI classes.
    OPTIMIZATION: Refactoring and optimization for heavy UI classes.
    OPTIMIZATION: Added sanity checks, removal of double variable assignment, code optimizations
    OPTIMIZATION: Improve speed of structure preview when selecting structure to build
    OPTIMIZATION: Performance optimization for base entities
    OPTIMIZATION: Refactoring and optimizations for terrain classes.
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