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    I've been curious about this for awhile now, and can't seem to find a topic already made about it.

    Anyway, what I've been wondering is: lore-wise, what happens to the body when a Gifted dies?

    I think I've read somewhere one account that the body disappears with the soul when recalled to a shrine, like a normal teleport spell, and once the Gifted reappear, their wounds heal after a few minutes to a few hours.

    But another account I read says that the dead body stays where it is, or what's left of it anyway depending on cause of death, and that when the soul is recalled, the Gifted is "reborn" at the shrine with a new body, while the old one (depending on who/what finds it) either gets eaten, "zombified", or cremated.

    I can't remember where I read either of these, but what does happen? I'm considering writing some more Istaria fanfiction, and I'd like to know. Help? Please and thank you!

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    I don't know the official answer, but I go with the first option since we keep our stuff. :-)

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    That's a hard one, though I have discussed it with a few people in the past. Most seem to believe in the: the body tends to disappear when a recall occurs after death; however, there is a trainer in the game that mentions how you can 'Kill something by piling a bunch of your bodies on top of it' as a joke. Morbid, I know, but it does provide some evidence supporting the body remaining where it is when death occurs.

    I hope this has helped!

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    Huh... that's interesting. I haven't met that trainer yet. I think I agree with the "body stays where it is" idea. Mainly because I don't see a body recalling after it falls into a lava pit or something. There wouldn't be anything left to recall!

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    If I remember correctly, when I was resurrected by an Ancient, the spell effect was that my dead body rose up into the air, there were some sparklies, and, hey, presto, I was body never disappeared. Now, if an Ancient can do this, via connection to the Prime or whatever, would seem that the recall-respawn-at-a-shrine model would also be with our original body...besides, as has been pointed out, the dead Gifted would have to be somehow undressed and then dressed again when they poooooof into existence at the Shrine...

    This could also be the mechanism behind Death Points....accumulated "residue" in your body from all those deaths and reanimations....
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    I don't know what the actual lore behind it is - if it even exists, that is. The way I've always pictured it though, is that the majority of the body is "teleported" back to the shrine when the soul is yanked backed to it. What remains is anything that was "lost": blood, scales, maybe even limbs if it was a particularly nasty fight. These missing features are regrown when the body reappears at the shrine - sort of like a massive healing spell was cast on it.

    The whole "stuff getting left behind" thing has no lore basis that I'm aware of - I just thought it was best explanation to use for RP. Most of those I RP with go with the idea that the body does not remain, but if nothing is left behind, you'd never be able to tell that a battle happened in a spot at all! xD

    The idea that the body is just left there and a completely new one is reformed every time one dies doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Your body doesn't get left behind when you use Recall for transportation, so obviously the capacity to teleport the body is already there. Besides, if that were the case, shouldn't we hear a lot more about meeting yourself on the battlefield? You think the Aegis are going to let all those free corpses go to waste? :P

    In the event of a death that destroys the majority of the body, it would be necessary to rebuild almost all of it, of course. However, the Gifted person would likely be dead long before the body totally dissolved (say, in lava), so it's likely that a "core" of the body would remain to rebuild off of. Despite the extensive repairs that would need to be done, I'd think that's far easier to accomplish than making an entire body from scratch every single time a Gifted dies. And I tend to think that the universe is nothing if not lazy. xP


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    Huh... You know I never thought about how the Death Points came into play, but that would make sense^, Blackclaw. Lol, and you're probably right about the universe being lazy, Raptress.

    Oi... I really should check the forum more often... *faceclaw*

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