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Thread: Starting Classes on Sunday!

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    Default Starting Classes on Sunday!

    I plan on starting the Academy this Sunday at 1pm PST (4pm EST). It will begin in New Trismus, where Maekrux will reveal a series of aptitude tests which should be fun and help hatchlings, adults, and even ancients who want to join in, their likely Vocations to follow.

    You do not have to have one before hand, but it might be helpful to think about some item (in-game or RP'd) that might describe who your character is.

    After these initial aptitude tests, a basic lesson might also follow if there is still interest. If not, lessons will be happening randomly throughout the weeks to come, and whenever someone wants to schedule one.

    I hope to see a lot of people there!
    Maekrux Vythulhar, the Blue Phoenix

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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    Will try to attend with Runes as a potential instructor in philosophy & theoretical spellcasting science (advanced spell theory - understanding how everything works on a deeper level to be able to concoct spell effect from runic marking combinations)

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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    Morinare will be there, if so-called "real-life" allows

    Using the various vocations that you've listed, I see Mori primarily as a Primalist (slight pun fully intended), as I've always played him as a spell-caster who melees; he's therefore also studied and improved as a Talonmaster.

    More on the "hobby" side, Morinare is by nature a Loremaster, Linguist, and, to jump on your two newest vocations, a Diversionist. These last three really are more an "interest" than something he could teach.

    I'd also be very interested in taking your aptitude tests, and possibly even sitting in on classes, even as an Adult...I'd like to see, first hand, what it is you're trying to put across, and seeing another instructor at work is always valuable.
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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    Sunday`s perfect. hehe my only day off of work XD
    Count me in! I`ll join in Negadragoon Hellfire.
    adult lunus
    RP wize: spiritist. tinkerer, and scientist.

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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    Never on on Sunday, bleeeh.
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    I'll try to get my hatchling, Makou, over there. Just need to get orientated to the different timezone, lol
    Makou Glyphscale; Hatchling on Order

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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    Fff, sorry to double post...Just saying that I probably won't be able to come because it turns out that 1pm Sunday for you guys is 3am on Monday morning for me.

    I hate timezones.
    Makou Glyphscale; Hatchling on Order

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    Unfortunately I won't be able to be there due to work but I wish you the best of starts!

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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    How was the turnout for the first class?
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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    Morinare has been involved in 4 different classes, so far, and the attendance has probably averaged about 3 or 4...hard to say, for sure, as some have to leave halfway through, while others might join halfway through...

    All of the classes have been excellent, and I'd certainly recommend that all hatchies (and, even adult/ancients!) attend as many as they can...
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    Default Re: Starting Classes on Sunday!

    The following is the chat-log from a class held earlier today; Morinare wasn't present, so this was sent to me by one of the attendees so it could be posted. I've trimmed out most of the extraneous chit-chat....

    [03/29/12 18:36:03] Maekrux says, 'A'na, enoguh chatting for now. Let us begin.'

    [03/29/12 18:36:42] Maekrux says, 'First of all, I want everyone present to think of osmethign they have done lately - it doens't matter what iti s... be it crafting, combat, or something completely unrelated. Take a moment and think about something you have done lately. We will come back to it later.'

    [03/29/12 18:37:18] [Skali ] frowns a little bit - pondering this.

    [03/29/12 18:38:12] [MidnightD ] already knows what I did, and smiles, wings flaring a bi.
    [03/29/12 18:38:18] MidnightD says,(*bit)'

    [03/29/12 18:38:33] [Maekrux ] hums as he begins. "Now then, it is important that I start this lesson off with a comparison. Without this comparison, you might not get the full understandign of the Prime Virtues." He looks up at the shrine and then to the fiends all around them - staring with rather irritated and superior eyes. "The fiends, like all cultures, have a certain system of virtues and values. And their virtues

    [03/29/12 18:38:37] [Seryan ] tilted her head and closed her eyes. All she had really done was prey to Drulkar and study, the studying more to please her teacher more than anything. But she wanted to please him, so she was fine with it.

    [03/29/12 18:38:47] [Fireth ] thinks for a bit, had he done that before or after the first lesson with Mae?

    [03/29/12 18:39:23] Maekrux says, 'all revolve around a central concept: that of equality. Now, this equality is only shared among their own race - they are superior to all others in their eyes, but the concept of 'getting even' is central to their system of virtue.'

    [03/29/12 18:39:56] [Seryan ] frowned and opened her eyes "Getting even?" She questioned.

    [03/29/12 18:40:32] Maekrux says, 'Their system of virtue evolves around the so-called 'Virtues of Vengance.' They fuction believing that, if everyoen fears reprisal for doing wrong, wrogn will not be done.'

    [03/29/12 18:40:57] [Skali ] swallows - looking away. This in particular he knew all too well, and it struck a raw chord with him.

    [03/29/12 18:41:22] [MidnightD ] scratches my head, confused.

    [03/29/12 18:41:32] [Seryan ] was frowning heavily. That didn't sound quite right...

    [03/29/12 18:41:47] [Idar ] Pulls Skali closer to his scales

    [03/29/12 18:42:25] [Maekrux ] churrs. "But you see, bipeds have a reason for this system. They live short lives. In the case of the fiends, who have known perscution from their parent race, the humans, the concept of revenge is central to their society in many ways... but from your reactions, you already know instinctively... that such a system is not right for dragons."

    [03/29/12 18:42:36] Idar tells you, 'Haha'
    [03/29/12 18:42:44] [Seryan ] nodded.

    [03/29/12 18:42:46] [Skali ] humms softly in acknowledgement of the gesture...

    [03/29/12 18:42:51] MidnightD says, Uh...right.....'

    [03/29/12 18:43:25] [Fireth ] nods to this.

    [03/29/12 18:43:53] Maekrux says, 'Dragons have their own system, that has spanned back over six thousand years. It takes into account the long life of dragons, and our particular views on ourselves and the world around them. In short, the Prime Virtues are divided into four tenents: Pride, Honor, Wisdom, and Patience.'

    [03/29/12 18:44:37] [Seryan ] furrowed her brow. "Prime Virtues?" She echoed.

    [03/29/12 18:44:37] Maekrux says, 'Pride is the foremost virtue, and the reason I chose this city in particular.'

    [03/29/12 18:44:48] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan.

    [03/29/12 18:45:16] Seryan says, '... Pride though...'

    [03/29/12 18:45:33] MidnightD says, to the humans pride is a sin'

    [03/29/12 18:45:37] [Seryan ] sighed. "Pride can cloud a dragon's vision, though. Right?"

    [03/29/12 18:46:04] [Apoth ] listened to the differing opinions, his head tilting to one side.

    [03/29/12 18:46:08] Maekrux says, 'All around us, the Fiends are looking at us with disdain. Tehy have no time for giant scaley lizards to be trouncing about their beautiful city! Tehy are better than we are, so high and superior, while we are brute animals... Or so they think. You see, this is, as Midnight says, a 'sin' to bipeds, or biped Pride.'

    [03/29/12 18:46:40] Maekrux says, 'Pride is not supposed to make one 'superior' to another. This is not how dragons are supposed to see it.'

    [03/29/12 18:46:41] [MidnightD ] smiles, not really expecting to get that right

    [03/29/12 18:47:24] [Seryan ] narowed her eyes. "There was an elf in the clearing today... he claimed that pride was clouding a mothers vision from accepting his help and his 'goddesses' help... I thin she had lost her egg or something..."

    [03/29/12 18:47:51] Maekrux says, 'Pride is a cycle of self-betterment to a dragon. A Dragon with Pride will only do things that bring him Pride, and by doing thigns worthy of Pride, they will ahve Pride in themselves. '

    [03/29/12 18:48:06] [Maekrux ] looks to Seryan. "And that is why I must run lessons on what Pride really is."

    [03/29/12 18:49:05] [Seryan ] glanced at the ground. "Iea now see hiow wrong he was. Iea had already thought he was wrong, but Iea did not realize how much."

    [03/29/12 18:49:14] Maekrux says, 'It stands to reason that doing something that makes one filled with Pride - raising a hatchling, creating a powerful scale, defeating a great monster - makes one a better Dragon.'

    [03/29/12 18:49:15] [Apoth ] 's eyes focused upon Seyan yet again at this comment.

    [03/29/12 18:49:25] [Skali ] doesnt feel the need to chip in, but he does spend a little too much time eyeing the fiends around them with something akin to fear, though he tries to conceal it. He can't help but wonder; are they here? Do they know? This was perhaps not the safest city for him.

    [03/29/12 18:50:07] [Seryan ] growled softly. "May Drulkar help that mother find her child."

    [03/29/12 18:50:36] Maekrux says, 'Now, there is one flaw to Pride. You see, just because you are doign something that fills you with Pride doesn't always mean it is right. Take, for example, a dragon who does evil things, and that fills them with Pride. Therefore, there must be something to guide Pride.'

    [03/29/12 18:51:22] MidnightD says, "Death to a Dragon is only Honor"'

    [03/29/12 18:51:42] Maekrux says, 'Mm, that's not necessarily true, Midnight.'

    [03/29/12 18:51:49] [Seryan ] blinked. "Iea find honor in being a faithful worshier of Drulkar."

    [03/29/12 18:52:01] MidnightD says, That's what Ice told me'

    [03/29/12 18:52:44] [Seryan ] chuckled. "Honor comes to every dragon differently."

    [03/29/12 18:52:44] Maekrux says, 'Honor, is how others see you and the actions you take. If what you do is worthy of Pride, you will ahve great Honor - and if they are not, you will be seen as withotu Honor. Honor is the tail to Pride at our head, and so we must always listen to others to see if what we are doing is right.'

    [03/29/12 18:53:47] [Apoth ] He grinned thinly, dangling his head down off of the railing. "And if the opinions of someone else's Honor is of a different nature... then are you not simply chasing your tail trying to please everyone?"

    [03/29/12 18:54:00] [Skali ] sighs a little, and finally speaks up. "... Ieo know well the pitfalls of pride. It can devolve... it can come to arrogance and it can justify entitlement. It can justify vengeance. A great many bad things stem from unchecked pride..."

    [03/29/12 18:54:29] [Maekrux ] grins up at Apoth when he calls down. "Ah ha! From the words of hatchlings, the system falls apart. You are quite right, and you really should be down here."

    [03/29/12 18:54:41] [Seryan ] nodded. "Drulkar helps me in many things... This is one of them."

    [03/29/12 18:54:52] Maekrux says, 'You see, Honor alone cannot guide a dragon completely.'

    [03/29/12 18:54:53] MidnightD says, I know what it's like to be without Pride....'

    [03/29/12 18:55:31] Maekrux says, 'Mm, let us pause the lesson for a moment. There are a lot of viewpoitns to discuss on these two points.'

    [03/29/12 18:55:43] [Apoth ] leered down from his position high on the ramp, though did approach... if only to hear them all better.

    [03/29/12 18:57:05] [Maekrux ] looks to Skali. "Now, you tell me that Pride can devolve. You are right. That devolved Pride is often what bipeds learned from us, in many years passed, and that is why bipeds have such a negative view of it."

    [03/29/12 18:57:48] Maekrux says, 'But Skali, are there not ways of preventing that Pride from devolving?'

    [03/29/12 18:58:27] [Seryan ] tilted her head. "Only way IEa know of is to keep yourself in check... and prey."

    [03/29/12 18:59:30] Apoth surveys the surroundings with those keen dragon eyes.

    [03/29/12 18:59:38] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan. "Praying is a way of injecting humility - which can sometimes temper Pride. But remember - an evil dragon can do evil and take Pride in it, so keeping one's self in check may not be the way to handle it."

    [03/29/12 19:00:02] [Skali ] hums softly. "There are. But..." He looks away. "Once it gets out of hand... it can be hard to keep in check. If it comes to petty squabbling and wanting to get back at one another? ... Ieo am sorry. oit is not entirely relevant. This... this city just... Ieo don't like it here. It brings up bad memories."

    [03/29/12 19:00:06] [Seryan ] gave a small nod of aknowlagement.

    [03/29/12 19:01:05] [Maekrux ] nods to Skali. "It is vital that you understand why Pride is important, though. Just because it is somethign that requires a lot of time and consideration does *not* mean it shoudl be foregone completely. It means there must be safeguards invovled."

    [03/29/12 19:01:15] Maekrux says, 'Honor is the first of these safeguards, as I have mentioned.'

    [03/29/12 19:01:24] Skali says, ...A'na..'

    [03/29/12 19:01:38] [Idar ] Nods. "And laws? Those determine whether an act brings honor or unwanted pride."

    [03/29/12 19:01:38] [MidnightD ] looks at Ser. "You seem to enjoy Drulkar a lot."

    [03/29/12 19:01:52] [Seryan ] smiled. She wondered what her teacher, Ausixen, would say.

    [03/29/12 19:01:56] [Maekrux ] noses Skali. "Have Pride in kor self, little one. I have a feeling we will
    speak on it later."

    [03/29/12 19:02:07] Maekrux says, 'Now then, let us continue.'

    [03/29/12 19:02:35] [Skali ] just glances at Idar, but doesn't really respond.

    [03/29/12 19:02:35] [Seryan ] looked to midnight. "Iea will be a Judicator of Flame. I Am... well, will be a shaman of our father."

    [03/29/12 19:02:44] Maekrux says, 'As the red hatchlign said, Honor along is not safeguard enough. Because waht if you live in a whole community of evil dragons, mm? Therefore, anotehr virtue must be maintained: That of Wisdom.'

    [03/29/12 19:03:28] [Apoth ] studied Seryan from afar, fairly curious with her affinity to Drulkar. His expression was fairly flat, however, as his gaze turned on Maekrux.

    [03/29/12 19:03:37] Maekrux says, 'Dragons are the longest living creatures in all of Istaria. This is improtant to Wisdom, for Wisdom is not knowledge, but the knowledge of how to use one's knowledge.'

    [03/29/12 19:03:37] [MidnightD ] "Well...good luck....I hope Drulkar treats you well..." gently takes out the Drulkar charm, and holds it o my chest a bit.

    [03/29/12 19:04:02] [Skali ] mutters. "Something that seems to have been absent from my bloodline for half a dozen generations."

    [03/29/12 19:04:15] [Seryan ] nodded slightly. "He has already. He has already warned me of a big battel to come."

    [03/29/12 19:04:24] MidnightD says, Wisdom...well...I'm screwed now.'

    [03/29/12 19:04:55] Maekrux says, 'Wisdom is what we use to 'check ourselves' as Seryan put it, when we look at our Pride. IT lets us determine whetehr or not others have Honor, or if there is reason enough to justify one's acts. Wisdom is not something that can be taught - it is learned over time, and fortunately time we have.'

    [03/29/12 19:04:59] [MidnightD ] looks at Ser. "If you need fighters, I'll be there."

    [03/29/12 19:05:31] Maekrux says, 'But Wisdom can be terribly frustrating!'

    [03/29/12 19:05:38] [Maekrux ] chuckles.

    [03/29/12 19:05:55] [Seryan ] grinned. "Iea seem to have a few enw friends as of late."

    [03/29/12 19:06:04] Maekrux says, 'There is one Virtue that is the foundation of all the others. And that is Patience.'

    [03/29/12 19:06:43] [Seryan ] outright giggled, though didn't say anything. She had probably been laighing at one of her own thoughts.

    [03/29/12 19:06:53] MidnightD says, I'm half screwed at being a good version of my own species.'

    [03/29/12 19:07:04] Maekrux says, 'Patience allows us to take the time to chose our actions carefully, so that tehy will be worthy of Pride. Patience lets us whether the blows against our Honor. Patience allows us to build our Wisdom over time. Patience is very important to dragons - especialyl when dealing with other cultures.'

    [03/29/12 19:07:43] [Skali ] hums softly in agreement.

    [03/29/12 19:07:44] [Apoth ] had arched a wry brow, looking fairly.. unimpressed, about something or other, but it was totally unclear by what. He simply listened, gaze occasionally sweeping the area.

    [03/29/12 19:07:47] MidnightD says, (brb)'

    [03/29/12 19:08:03] [Maekrux ] nuzzles Midnight. "I have Patience. And like Wisdom, my Patience only built over time. One must learn to let go of some things, and see the bigger picture. We dragons ahve all the time in the world to do this."

    [03/29/12 19:08:21] Maekrux says, 'You might feel differently in a few hundred years.'

    [03/29/12 19:08:39] [Seryan ] blinked. "Also with Drulkar. Iea had been really frustraited with him-- he had not been answering me... but Iea soon realized that Iea just needed to be patient and not constantly ask him for my answers."

    [03/29/12 19:09:03] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan. "A'na, ltitle one. Patience with the divine - especially with the divine - is important, too."

    [03/29/12 19:09:05] [Fireth ] listened to Mae, nodding a bit at what he said. Fireth would indeed need to learn quite a bit about patience and wisdom. He sneaks a peek at Idar, giving a small grin before returning his attention to Mae.

    [03/29/12 19:09:05] Seryan says, 'He will give the answers to me if he chooses, when he chooses.'

    [03/29/12 19:10:04] Maekrux says, 'Wisdom and Patience are always hard for hatchlings. But it is important that you try to start early with practicing and learning these virtues, as it is a very long path to walk. Fortunately, Tiem is our ally, and we will ahve tiem enough to walk it.'

    [03/29/12 19:10:40] [Seryan ] closed her eyes. "Iea have alredy been practicing some of this... Is that good?"

    [03/29/12 19:10:48] Maekrux says, 'Now then, let's start with a simple quiz: Waht are the four Prime Virtues? Skali?'

    [03/29/12 19:10:52] Skali says, (I like how you mispelled time twice in a row. XD)'

    [03/29/12 19:10:53] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan and churrs at her.

    [03/29/12 19:10:59] Seryan says, '(XD)'

    [03/29/12 19:11:07] Maekrux says, '(I has fingers that type funny. Deal.)'

    [03/29/12 19:11:10] Seryan says, '(Omg... I'm laughing so hard now.)'

    [03/29/12 19:11:27] Skali says, Uh.... Pride... Honor... Wisdom... and... Patience?'

    [03/29/12 19:11:36] [Maekrux ] nods. "G'rei."

    [03/29/12 19:11:49] Maekrux says, 'Fireth, how is Pride for dragons different than Pride for bipeds?'

    [03/29/12 19:12:10] Seryan says, '(Crap... Dun ask me! xD)'

    [03/29/12 19:12:18] Seryan says, '(I litrally just forgot everything.)'

    [03/29/12 19:12:25] Maekrux says, '(::slaps:'

    [03/29/12 19:12:36] Fireth says, (same. D: -thinks-)'

    [03/29/12 19:12:49] MidnightD says, Thansk but..I really am not wise, nor patient. nor do I expect to ever be.'

    [03/29/12 19:12:58] Apoth says, '((Stage fear strikes again.))'

    [03/29/12 19:13:02] Seryan says, '(D: I can't help it! *rubs cheek* Was always bad with pop quizes.. I am beginning to think that we will have to tae notes!)'

    [03/29/12 19:13:42] Maekrux says, 'Try at something long enough, and you will eventualyl succeed. If a mountain rests in your path, wait, and the elements themselves will clear it away... we dragons have more time than you yet realize, Midnight.'

    [03/29/12 19:13:45] Fireth says, Pride for a biped, is something that they consider a sin while pride for a dragon could bring honor. I think.. -he ducks his head, sure he got it wrong-'

    [03/29/12 19:14:00] [Maekrux ] chuckles. "Well, you got some of it right."

    [03/29/12 19:14:16] Fireth says, (Phew.)'

    [03/29/12 19:14:20] Maekrux says, 'Someone help him out: how is Pride for bipeds different than Pride for dragons? Yes, bipeds see it as a sin, but why?'

    [03/29/12 19:15:00] Seryan says, '...Because they think it clouds ones visions?'

    [03/29/12 19:15:23] [Maekrux ] chuckles. "Oh dear, looks like this one was misunderstood."

    [03/29/12 19:16:04] Maekrux says, 'To recap, then. Pride is not arrogance, as it is for bipeds. It is a
    cycle of self-betterment. We do thigns that give us Pride, and because we do them, we have Pride. Constantly betterign ourselves is what Pride means to a dragon.'

    [03/29/12 19:16:44] [Fireth ] nods, he has it now.
    [03/29/12 19:16:48] Maekrux says, 'Is this all clear now?'

    [03/29/12 19:17:08] [Seryan ] nodded slowly.

    [03/29/12 19:17:15] MidnightD says, Uhhhh...'

    [03/29/12 19:17:34] Seryan says, '(Is midnight a bad student? :O)'

    [03/29/12 19:17:38] [Maekrux ] raises a brow at Midnight.

    [03/29/12 19:17:51] MidnightD says, (Midnight is mostly brawn, not much brain XP)'

    [03/29/12 19:17:52] Fireth says, (I think he is. :P)'

    [03/29/12 19:18:04] MidnightD says, (he's MATURE, not smart XD)'

    [03/29/12 19:18:20] Maekrux says, 'HAve you any questions, Midnight?'

    [03/29/12 19:18:35] [MidnightD ] "uhhh....." lies badly. "No?

    [03/29/12 19:18:39] Maekrux says, 'Skali, do you understand Pride now as well?'

    [03/29/12 19:18:46] [Maekrux ] grutns at Midnight.

    [03/29/12 19:19:00] [Idar ] Raises his paw up and rests it onto his face.

    [03/29/12 19:19:00] [MidnightD ] gulps.

    [03/29/12 19:19:27] [Seryan ] frowned. She, as many times now, fought to study fire. She didn't wish to bother Drulkar too much, as she thought she had done.

    [03/29/12 19:20:03] Skali says, ..A'na, Ieo believe so.'

    [03/29/12 19:20:32] Maekrux says, 'Let us pause the quiz here, then - at the start of this, I asked you to think of somethign you have done lately. I want you to apply the Virtues to that thing: What about it gave you Pride? Would others see what you did as somethign Honorable? Did you, perhaps, use Wisdom in that act? Did you show Patience?'

    [03/29/12 19:20:56] [Seryan ] grumbled something, and stretched her neck out and set her head on the ground.

    [03/29/12 19:21:30] [MidnightD ] raises paw. "I took my younger family on a glide off Shepherd's Peak..."

    [03/29/12 19:21:45] [Maekrux ] looks to Midnight. "g'rei - How did you use the Virtues there?"

    [03/29/12 19:21:47] [Apoth ] gave a thin, wry grin, just watching those ahead.

    [03/29/12 19:22:11] Seryan says, '... Iea got my pride from being able to be so close to Drulkar with my path, and being able to speak to our father himself.'

    [03/29/12 19:23:24] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan. "G'rei. And kor teacher: did he find that Honorable, Seryan?"

    [03/29/12 19:23:45] [MidnightD ] twiddles my paws a bit. "Well, when my younger sister Kaala made it, I felt really happy and proud of her....if that counts. she's a great flyer. and well...since I was trying to pass on what I know I guess it was honorable but...I can't fly..and one of my family members ended up drowning and they needed to revive...and as for patience...I actualy had more of it than everyone else."

    [03/29/12 19:23:53] [Seryan ] furrowed her brow. "Iea-... Iea think so."

    [03/29/12 19:24:24] [Maekrux ] chuckles to Seryan. "He must have, if he chose to mentor you."

    [03/29/12 19:25:22] [Skali ] thinks a little. "...Ieo have been studying the rune-marks. How to read them, how to write them. It's not so much magical as learning how to write again, at this point. It's hard to get any of the lines right..."

    [03/29/12 19:25:36] [Maekrux ] looks to Midnight. "G'rei. You should have Pride in helping kor family, and I see this as Honorable. You did have patience if you were willign to wait for that drownign member, or if you went back for them. See? You have more Patience than you think." He grins.

    [03/29/12 19:26:09] [Maekrux ] looks to Skali. "When you manage to get the lines right, are you happy? Does knowing these thigns fill you with Pride?"

    [03/29/12 19:26:39] [Seryan ] smiled slightly, her eyes bright. She strived to impress her teacher, even though she had only recently been made his student.

    [03/29/12 19:27:23] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] merr, time to eat. Can Fireth do his later? I've got something for him.

    [03/29/12 19:27:30] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] Sure

    [03/29/12 19:27:33] [Skali ] scratches the ground a little. "A little bit. But at the same time I don't feel right being proud of rudimentary accomplishments."

    [03/29/12 19:27:33] [MidnightD ] well...I couldn't wait for them...I had to keep gliding or I would have drowned...I just kept gliding...and didn't go back for her...and I couldn't go after her...since well...she drowned.." looks down sadly and whines

    [03/29/12 19:27:41] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] Ok, thanks. ^^

    [03/29/12 19:27:55] [Maekrux ] huffs. "Were tehy gifted"

    [03/29/12 19:27:56] Maekrux says, '?'

    [03/29/12 19:28:28] MidnightD says, (did he say that to Mid?)'

    [03/29/12 19:28:34] Maekrux says, '(yeah'
    [03/29/12 19:28:44] [Seryan ] glanced at the ground. "Iea hope Iea can please him greatly..."

    [03/29/12 19:28:58] [Apoth ] idly observed a spot of dust on his paw, scuffing it off by scraping the back of his paw against his chest. His expression was wry and almost bored as he watched Midnight.

    [03/29/12 19:29:21] [Maekrux ] looks to the red. "How about you? What have you done lately?"

    [03/29/12 19:29:53] MidnightD says, Yes...they were they revived.'

    [03/29/12 19:30:19] Maekrux says, 'A'na... did they try again? Did you wait for them to catch up?'

    [03/29/12 19:30:37] [Apoth ] arched a brow and glanced up at Maekrux, his expression not changing by much. "I got home from a blight war," he answered simply. "Not going back for a while."

    [03/29/12 19:31:01] MidnightD says, I had already landed when I found out they drowned..and the lesson was I had to go.'

    [03/29/12 19:31:37] [Maekrux ] hums at Apoth. "What are you doing in a blight war at your age? Well, did you paticipate?"

    [03/29/12 19:31:41] [Apoth ] stared blankly over at Midnight, his expression completely flat and nearly incredulous.

    [03/29/12 19:31:54] Maekrux says, 'I see. Well, you sat patiently through the lesson. I'll give you that much, Midnight.'

    [03/29/12 19:31:55] [Maekrux ] chuckles.

    [03/29/12 19:32:02] [Idar ] Tilts his head up. "Aaah.. The one who was looking for Symazok."

    [03/29/12 19:32:07] [Seryan ] looked up to maekrux, seeming to have been lost in thought. "Do you
    think Iea can please my teacher?"

    [03/29/12 19:32:10] Apoth says, 'My age? I should be an adult by now, all things considered. But I couldn't get anything -close- to an ascention where I had been.'

    [03/29/12 19:32:32] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan. "I'm certain you can."

    [03/29/12 19:32:44] [Seryan ] grinned. "Iea hope so!"

    [03/29/12 19:33:06] MidnightD says, Well it would be rude to just leave.'

    [03/29/12 19:33:06] Maekrux says, 'Time is nothign to a dragon, little red. Where had you been?'

    [03/29/12 19:34:28] [Apoth ] sighed, his expression hardening as he stared back over to the blue. "Close to the Deadlands. I'd go into detail, but you seem to be teaching these other ones.

    [03/29/12 19:34:40] Maekrux says, 'Mm.'

    [03/29/12 19:36:08] [Maekrux ] churrs. "Well, that isn't sharing much, but the rest of you have an idea now of the Prime Virtues. As you leave this lesson, I want you to take what you have learned and try to use it - do things that are worthy of Pride, look to others to see if you are Honorable, make good decisions and use kor Wisdom, and alwys be Patient - especially when thigns get difficult."

    [03/29/12 19:37:58] [Seryan ] nodded. "Iea will."

    [03/29/12 19:39:21] [Apoth ] was looking particularly stormy, now... almost brooding, pacing to and fro... though, his ears were still tuned in to his surroundings.

    [03/29/12 19:39:55] Seryan bows respectfully.

    [03/29/12 19:40:18] [Academy (OOC): Seryan] I hope Ser is doing well. >.<

    [03/29/12 19:40:29] [Maekrux ] nods to Seryan. "That will be all for now. Let it be known that I take Pride in the success of my students - and so go out, and be successful."

    [03/29/12 19:40:37] [Academy (OOC): MidnightD] should I head back to the city or is the lessn over?

    [03/29/12 19:40:49] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] it's pretty much over, no worries.

    [03/29/12 19:40:57] [Academy (OOC): MidnightD] okay. sry T.T

    [03/29/12 19:41:03] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] Fireth will tell me his thign when he gets back, but no reason to keep everyon around for it.

    [03/29/12 19:41:05] [Seryan ] smiled at them. "It is good to know that Iea have two great teachers."

    [03/29/12 19:41:23] [Maekrux ] chuckles. "What, you have another teacher besides Ausixen and I?"

    [03/29/12 19:41:27] [Academy (OOC): MidnightD] okay. lemme know if another lesson comes up

    [03/29/12 19:41:35] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] Will do

    [03/29/12 19:42:02] [Seryan ] shook her head. "No! You and Ausixen."

    [03/29/12 19:42:07] [Maekrux ] looks to Apoth. "I ahve soem time now, if you like to share."

    [03/29/12 19:43:30] [Apoth ] paused, one snakelike eye... much like Symazok's ... peering up at the blue. "It is not a pleasent memory. I am much more favorable to the trip away, back to unspoiled land."

    [03/29/12 19:44:15] [Maekrux ] hums. "As you like. We are glad to have you safely here, then."

    [03/29/12 19:44:23] Maekrux says, 'And kor name?'

    [03/29/12 19:45:04] [Academy (OOC): Seryan] Yus!

    [03/29/12 19:46:16] [Apoth ] seemed to give himself a little bit of a shake, as though to ease up tensed muscle. "Apoth. Apoth Tarasova. You must be the Maekrux I keep hearing about."
    [03/29/12 19:46:19] [Academy (OOC): MidnightD] Yus what?

    [03/29/12 19:46:40] [Seryan ] turned to stare at the other hatchling.

    [03/29/12 19:47:08] [Idar ] Glances his way towards Maekrux. "I believe he is related to Symazok.." He shrugs. "I haven't seen Symazok yet to inform her of this news..Have you seen her?"

    [03/29/12 19:47:11] [Maekrux ] nods. "G'rei to meet you, Apoth. And a'na, Ieo am Maekrux Vythulhar. Who's going around spouting vicious vicous truths about me now?" He chuckles.

    [03/29/12 19:47:35] Maekrux says, 'I did visit lately, but she mentioned nothign of a hatchling.'

    [03/29/12 19:48:25] [Apoth ] gave a slight shrug of his wingshoulders, tilting his head to cast a glance across the surrounding area again. "Bits and pieces. Some in the Clearing, some out wandering... I haven't seen any other blue ancient male."

    [03/29/12 19:48:43] [Skali ] hums at Maekrux. "...Elder...? Ieo was wondering, ah... what sort of things are to be taught with this... academy. Ieo was under the impression we were simply coming to speak to you." He glances at Idar. "Instead, we're in... Kirasanct. I'm a little confused! Ah well.Ieo enjoyed the lesson, by the way..."

    [03/29/12 19:49:02] Maekrux says, 'Surprisingly, we blue males are somewhat common - just very reclusive at my age. Or generall,y I suppose...'

    [03/29/12 19:50:27] [Maekrux ] chuckles to Skali. "All things are taught in the Academy, little one. Perhaps you were jsut coming to speak, but you got to join a lesson, and I'm happy for that. But there are classes on combat, crafting, Prime... everythign in dragon life, essentially. All you need is an elder to teach you, or challenges to devise yourself udner a mentor's guidance."

    [03/29/12 19:50:30] Apoth says, '((Dude I totally forgot to write in Apoth's accent through all that x.x))'

    [03/29/12 19:50:51] Idar says, '(Bad!)'

    [03/29/12 19:50:51] Maekrux says, '(I know nosink!)'

    [03/29/12 19:50:57] Idar says, '(Into the corner.)'

    [03/29/12 19:51:59] [Apoth ] peered attentively at Skali for a moment... though his gaze eventually moved towards Seryan. He observed the hatchling attentively, before saying simply; "Fellow follower of Drulkar, First Dragon. May holy flame stay bright." ((:C *drags self off to corner*))

    [03/29/12 19:52:17] Apoth bows respectfully.

    [03/29/12 19:53:00] [Skali ] tilts his head. "Do nieo think Ieo should try to find a mentor" Ieo da know that skipping around these classes will give me... any sort of cohesive education, so much as bits and pieces." He doesn't seem to notice Apoth's scrutany until the red spoke. Then he frowned, looking at the other slightly... confused...

    [03/29/12 19:54:09] [Apoth ] was talking to Seryeth ))
    [03/29/12 19:54:15] [Idar ] Looks down at Skali. "Yes. I still plan on properly introducing you to my father, but that will happen later on.. when things settle down." His paw raises up to give Skali a gentle pat on to his head, then resumes speaking. "I am always willing to teach you.. I'd perfer to teach you actually."

    [03/29/12 19:54:21] Apoth says, '((Seryan*))'

    [03/29/12 19:54:31] Skali says, ((D'o. missed that. XD)'

    [03/29/12 19:55:17] [Skali ] blinks a little, and peers up at Idar. "...Ieo didn't think you sounded very enthusiastic about it..?" He said questioningly.

    [03/29/12 19:55:46] [Maekrux ] glances to Idar. "I do suppose you would." He hums. "We shall speak on that at length once we get a bit more time. My intial suggestion, though, is to find a mentor, whetehr it be Idar, me, or another."

    [03/29/12 19:56:28] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] nom

    [03/29/12 19:56:37] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] ready for your part whenever you are Fireth~

    [03/29/12 19:57:17] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] -noms back- and ok, not if I should have had Fire doze off or what. ^^;

    [03/29/12 19:58:35] [Idar ] Nods. "You are my----" He pauses though.. Think it's probably best not to mention it here. "I've placed you underneath my wing and I would very much perfer to see you gain something out of it."

    [03/29/12 19:58:44] Idar says, '(*Thinking*)'

    [03/29/12 19:59:25] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] merr, someone do something to Fireth. I'll go from there. :I

    [03/29/12 19:59:26] [Maekrux ] chuckles, and then looks to Idar. "Ward. HE is your ward," he supplies.

    [03/29/12 20:00:12] [Maekrux ] looks over to Freth. "You've been very quiet for a time. Are you still thinking?"

    [03/29/12 20:00:13] [Academy (OOC): Maekrux] done

    [03/29/12 20:01:09] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] thanks

    [03/29/12 20:03:33] [Skali ] hums softly. "Alright, Idar~" He says, smiling softly.

    [03/29/12 20:03:37] Skali says, (*distracted*)'

    [03/29/12 20:03:50] Idar says, '(*Sighs and punts*)'

    [03/29/12 20:03:54] [Fireth ] nods. "I'm sorry, I was thinking about what I had done recently to give me a sense of pride as well as honor. As for wisidom and patience, perhaps those too." -he goes to dig into his scalepack for a emblem he had earned only to realize it was in his vault. "Aww, darn."

    [03/29/12 20:04:15] [Maekrux ] chuckles. "Did you leave somethign somewhere, little one?"

    [03/29/12 20:04:50] [Seryan ] blinked a few times... she had fallen into somewhat of a half-sleep.

    [03/29/12 20:06:28] [Fireth ] nods "I had recently been asked by the Vandus militia for some help with the forest skulks, defeating many along a trade route and finding artifacts that they had stolen from tombs of important bi-peds. For all the hard work I had done for them they gave me a emblem, and now call me Private Fireth. It felt good to help them, and I still am helping them when I can."

    [03/29/12 20:06:49] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] yay, long response.

    [03/29/12 20:07:47] [Maekrux ] churrs and nods. "A'na, in this time, it is improtant to protect ourselves and our allies from harm. This is somethign to take Pride in, little one. I am sure that you used your wisdom to track down those tombs, too - and had the patience to go through those tasks - and deal with the commanding of bipeds."

    [03/29/12 20:07:47] [Seryan ] yawned.

    [03/29/12 20:07:51] Seryan tips back it's head and yawns.

    [03/29/12 20:08:48] Maekrux says, 'Continue to practice these thigns, Fireth, and you will go far.'

    [03/29/12 20:09:01] Fireth says, I think so too. At one point another hatchie helped me, but when we got our emblems, she got upset and left.'

    [03/29/12 20:09:15] Maekrux says, 'Oh? Why was that?'

    [03/29/12 20:09:55] Fireth says, She said she wouldn't be told what to do by a naka, and that she was above them. '

    [03/29/12 20:10:27] [Seryan ] bliked. "Iea can somewhat understand that, actually." She said through a yawn.

    [03/29/12 20:11:08] [Maekrux ] chuckles. "Not enoguh Patience - for if she truly were, then she should show it, not leave. Arrogance is not Pride, either... it is in constantly bettering ourselves that we make ourselves better than bipeds. Indeed, in this era... the difference between bipeds and dragons is very tenuous indeed... and that is why I restarted the Academy."

    [03/29/12 20:12:27] [Fireth ] shakes his head. "I don't see the problem with helping them. While they may be able to do things we can't, we can also do things they can't." he listens to Maes words. "I think she needs to join the academy too."

    [03/29/12 20:12:43] [Maekrux ] nods. "I agree. What was her name?"

    [03/29/12 20:14:42] [Fireth ] he checks his list of people he's met. "Her name was Ki' er' av'ie' I beleive. It's was hard to figure out the syllables in her name."

    [03/29/12 20:15:23] [Maekrux ] boggles. "Well then - I shall look for the odd named hatchling, then... sounds like one of Aika's spawn though. Odd, but alright."

    [03/29/12 20:15:28] [Academy (OOC): Fireth] his list is short, but she made an impression on him. :I

    [03/29/12 20:15:48] Maekrux says, 'I'll keep an eye out.'

    [03/29/12 20:16:05] Maekrux says, 'For now, I think my son and I ahve some discussion to do. You two will ahve to excuse me.'

    [03/29/12 20:16:23] You say, Ok, thank you for the lesson Maekrux.'

    [03/29/12 20:16:33] Maekrux says, 'My pleasure, little one.'

    [03/29/12 20:16:56] [Seryan ] bowed. "Iea must make my way back to the lair, it is late."

    [03/29/12 20:16:59] Seryan bows respectfully.

    [03/29/12 20:17:06] [Maekrux ] nods. "Take care."

    [03/29/12 20:17:06] Fireth bows respectfully.

    [03/29/12 20:17:19] Fireth says, I shall head back to Chiconis myself.'

    [03/29/12 20:17:38] [Maekrux ] nods to Fireth as well.
    Cogito, ergo sum Draconem.

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