i recently bought a laptop with windows 7 home premium. installed the game, and installed java, but everytime i get any type of update (including loading screen changes) the game will no longer run. it appears that on a fresh install of windows 7, there is something else missing that is required to run the game. as soon as the game finished installing, i hit play icon and got the bluish box (immediately knew what it wasn't going to load, as it's gold colored when working properly) saying would you like to allow this program to change files... i hit accept. nothing. i replace the jlauncher with a backup and it works fine. till i log in and update, again i need to replace the jlauncher.exe or it won't load. once jlauncher is replaced, i get the gold screen and the game loads fine (till the next update or loading screen downlaod comes along)

i just built another new computer (and installed windows 7 Ultimate), and i have the same issue with this new one.

i never had any issue with XP, only windows 7. now can anyone tell me what other program is really needed to allow this game to run?

atm, i need to replace the jlauncher.exe file everytime i get a patch. good thing i kept a backup of the XP machines game.

now keep in mind, i have not reinstalled any of my old software yet, nor gone to web sites that require things like silverlight, flash and such type utilities. something else needs to be installed to allow the game to run properly. as with my XP machine i had all sorts of things installed and never once had a problem where i needed to replace the jlauncher.exe file