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Thread: How to get Tarbash's Cargo Disk Formulae?

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    Default How to get Tarbash's Cargo Disk Formulae?


    I recently started to learn fitter on a char that did not craft many things. And I found that I don't have a Tarbash's Granite Cargo Disc anymore, the ones with just one stack but with muuuuuch bulk and can port and this one for lvl 60 biped...

    So I thought, I could try to create a disk for the first time in my live, given that my main char ("the cat" ) is lvl 76 tinker, which was done by gathering mithril for my plot.... :-|. I looked around and asked some people and all the tinker trainers I found... but nobody seemed to have a Tarbash's Cargo Disc formula. All I found was Tarbash's Compact Cargo Disc and Standish's Cargo Disc and so on... the trainers did not sell them as journyman, and my storages for formulae where I tend to put all expert formulae I stumble uppon and have not scribed yet (and can't yet scribe) did not have a Tarbash's Cargo Disc formula neither (only also the Tarbash's Compact Cargo disc).

    So what's that? Is there anywhere to buy the journeman or even expert (or master? But I think I can't scribe that one, yet) formulae for the Tarbash's Discs? Or did I search for the wrong formula? Or is it a drop only thing over all tiers? Or is there a special char for that line of disks (like for the Knut's discs?)?

    Just wondering... if it's drop only, I'll try to ask in the market channel some more times... but that other day it seemed no one had that formula, or no one answered my questions at least...

    Maybe somebody can shed some light on that for me... Is there any systematic behind which formulae the trainers sell and which are not for sale? I saw token are completely gone... but many expert forms can be bought for money, too... but as I learned that other day some JM forms seem also not be available to be bought... ??? Strange.
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    Default Re: How to get Tarbash's Cargo Disk Formulae?

    The only cargo disks that are sold by vendors are Standard. All of the rest are drop only.

    For formulas in general, typically the ones that are sold are the basic formulas to help you get into the school. Resource processing and the low skill formulas. Anything in the "upper-half" of the Tier is going to be drop only.

    In case it is asked, the reason behind this change was to create a situation where adventurers would actually have something to sell to crafters. Though you can still "acquire" formulas by going to the Formulatrons and spending coin, but only for a chance at a random pull.
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    Default Re: How to get Tarbash's Cargo Disk Formulae?

    I know this is old, but in case someone is asking the same question:

    Blight Delta 187Additions

    • Imperial Quartermaster Frig Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost has been authorized to carry new Cargo Disk formulas: Master Tarbash, Master Tarbash Compact, Master Standish, Master Standish Deluxe, Master Standard and Master Deluxe formulas.
    • Nielenoss has taken the Master designs and perfected his own - Master Flying Cargo Disk, Master Cargo Disk Flyer, as well as the needed components, Master Laminate, Master Energized Azulyte, Master Imbued Brick and Master Engraving.
    • Tier 6 Cargo Disks can now be used by players with the proper Craft Rating. Please note, this is Rating, not School Level.

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