Some of you may have read in one of my other posts that Ithought I'd probably be quitting HZ soonish, and the truth is, I probably will.. :(

However, I'm not quite done yet. If nothing else, I owe a cpl ppl some resources and I definitely will be back to at least get those made and pay off my debts. However, it'll be a little while longer. To those of you waiting on me for resources, my apologies.

My girlfriend's dad died a few days ago. It was very sudden and unexpected and she has not been taking it very well, so I've been staying with her. Only home today for a few hours to grab some things I need and then I'm headed back to her house again and will probably be there until at least the end of the week.

So anyway, I WILL be back, but it'll be a bit longer. Once again, my apologies to those I owe some resources too.