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Thread: Iseia's Hatchlings

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    Wink Iseia's Hatchlings

    many who rped with Isse should know that she has her eggs but i was hoping someone whom is active would like to take the role of her hatchling,
    id like someone whom isn't grieve addicted for attention and pity me crazy,unless of course a event occurs and the rp is done properly of course >.>; id like someone as her hatchling that will be around a while, get on sometimes as the alt and knows how to rp properly >_<;

    after the hatching occurs and all i plan to also use this thread to post the rp story of the event~

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    aaaand romirez gets another generation older.

    i recently re installed the game due to a OS installation. i'll try to attend when a time is given.

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    *Paw claps!*

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    hahah, so any takers for the spot?

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    Count me as considering it, Iseia. I'd like to discuss it further, but am considering making a dragon and being the hatchling of an established character intrigues me. Either PM me here, or send me a tell in game please.
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    I could, but I could not make an avatar, since no char slots of mine are open. I would not mind ghosting something though if that is ok!
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