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    I recieved a quest from Lucky the Gambler in New Rachival, Build a Better Automatron. Which led to a decision to help Gangaf or not. The follow up quest was, Prove Gangaf is Innocent. Anyone happen to know what is needed to get these quests? Others can not seem to get the quest from Lucky.

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    Quest "Build a Better Automaton" requires you to be level 90 and to have completed the "Disgruntled Gnomes" quest.

    Quest "Disgruntled Gnomes" requires you to be level 90 and speak with Bixben in New Rachival.
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    Thank you, Amon.

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    Thank you :-) I went back to New Rachival and spoke with both Bixbens to be safe, and now my digruntled gnomes quest is registered as finished. I'm helping tinker a better automatron now!

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