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Thread: needed update: new engine

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    Default needed update: new engine

    i came to notice a somewhat critical problem with istaria, it's engine.

    the granny 3 engine is horribly outdated, but it runs istaria 'fine' you guess.
    well it sort of runs istaria good, but their are a lot of performance boost grained from having an updated and streamlined new engine.

    the next item that granny 3 engine also have a high potability of an incompatibility at the new windows 8 or higher.

    i know having to update an engine means basically rewriting whole istaria and would be a months/years project but to my opinion it is far better then trying to stream line istaria on the old engine.

    personaly i am also willing to help out as a programmer once i start learning C++ instead visualbasic that i have mastered now

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    Default Re: needed update: new engine

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your ideas and feedback. At this time there are no plans to replace the engine that runs Istaria. Not only would it be an extremely long process, but it would also be extremely expensive. Thanks for playing Istaria and have a great week!
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