There's a fairly significant update on Blight that the developers have been working on for some time. Please see the forum post below for the full set of changes:

We've heard some feedback, and fixed issues reported. At this point, the developers believe they have a stable release and are planning to push this update out in the very near future. If you have not tried out this update, we'd like to encourage you to please give it a go. The very best way for us to get a stable release is to have as much feedback as possible.

If you don't normally play on Blight, and would prefer not to play - but would like to help out - there's a way you can get the latest update and keep to playing on Chaos or Order.
1. Go into character creation on Blight (this will cause a full patch and bring you up to date).
2. Exit
3. Start up Istaria launcher and at the character selection screen, click Troubleshooting
4. Click the "Disable Patching" check box
5. Click Back and click Play

Please note that it's important to check the Troubleshooting options each time you launch Istaria, as they can reset. It's not good to leave the patching disabled, as this prevents you from being notified of future updates.

To help out in testing, you can review the list of changes on the community site (see the link above), or simply play as normal. If you come across any issue, please report through the support site at so that the problem can be reviewed and fixed by the developers. It's very important that you do your best to provide a list of steps to reproduce a problem - while we'll investigate a report that says, "was fighting and screen went wonky", it's unlikely to be fixed. A report that says:
1. Logged in as Baby Flame
2. Headed to the Eastern Deadlands
3. Started the carnage at 23800 x 14000
4. Noticed particle effects stopped working
5. Soon after, textures were missing from monsters
6. Screen shot attached

We greatly appreciate any and all feedback with updates, and hope that you'll consider taking part in helping make this a stable release.

Amarie and Istaria Developers