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    to our friends on Order who might miss Flame and me:

    We are having a hard time in rl atm.
    Besides others, but most important-we have to bring our cat to veterinarian hospital every day, and spend a lot of time there.
    We do everything that she can survive (after one week now she is doing a bit better). Its heartbreaking:-(

    If there is time, Flame might be able to fix my comp.

    See you

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    Good luck with the stuff, and the cat. I'm going through similar with my dog at the moment. Waiting to find out if she needs majour surgery, i know how hard it is.

    Good Luck

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    good luck.. mom's dog is out of surgery and back home, still not eating or drinking much, but seems a lot better than last week.

    hope you're pet makes it as well

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    I hope your cat and you will be fine quickly... *hugs

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    Lov, lots of love and strenght.
    Hugs, Sigi

    Hurray! Mor
    rison is back at his house near Bristugo!
    And the wisps on wis
    p isle are moving again!
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    Having lost my little buddy recently I know what you are going through. I hope you and yours all the best.

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    Aww sympathies and best wishes to you cat from an ingame Saris.]

    Hope your well and hope to see you soon old friend

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    My sympathies Lov! hope you`re kitty will make a swift recovery.

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    Oh no! I'm sorry to hear it, I hope things start improving soon for you guys. *winghugs*

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    Thank you so much my friends, for your good thoughts and nice words.

    It really ment comfort to us.
    We are proud to be part of such a supportive, warm-hearted community.

    So how are things?:

    We still have to go to vet-hospital with Tirza each day.
    Seems that she has a good chance now.

    Flame feels better too- his arm still aches much-but hopefully that will be ok soon too.

    He promised to look at/fix my comp today or tomorrow- so that I shall be back soon.

    Thy again all-missed you
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    All the best wishes from Milandira and me, hope to see Flame and you soon back with a healthy cat in the background.
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    You two are missed too, but don't worry, real life things go first. I hope Flameus and your cat will heal quickly.

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    Default Re: temporarily absent

    do hurry home as quick as you are able!!! what is horizons without its' first couple?
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    I hope your meow recovers soon.
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    I'm gonna post in this one too!

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    So sorry to hear your news. May there be a speedy recovery.

    *wing hugs*

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    *serves LOVWYRM and Flameus each an [Imperial Urn] full of klava presented with a towel, curtsy and big hug*
    missing you two and hope all works out for the best very soon! recover quickly!

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    All the best for your cat.

    I had this too. My cat was poisoned and we took her to the vet every few days for over two months... we all (cat included) got very tired of that, but she did survive it and had some more happy years afterwards.

    I really hope your cat gets well soon.
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    Good luck with your situation. Hope to see you soon back in the game!
    Mensarian state of mind: Being without one completely!

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    praying for you both and your feline friend. hope that you come back soon safely.
    *wing hugs*

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