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Thread: This IS about Istaria but a rant

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    Default This IS about Istaria but a rant

    To the player that asked that I build you a Dragon Grand Hall.

    Listed below is the list of materials needed to complete it.

    If you can come up with the materials I will be happy to craft and even place them for you but I will not harvest them (again one GH in a game life time is enough maybe 2 .

    Lair T6 Chamber - Grand Hall,
    420 Amber Crystalline Lattice,
    420 Cerulean Crystalline Lattice,
    420 Crimson Crystalline Lattice,
    560 Fervid Excoriation of Earth,
    560 Flawed Flowstone,
    560 Flawed Maelstone,
    560 Flawless Flowstone,
    560 Flawless Maelstone,
    280 Imbued Adamantium Bar,
    280 Imbued Bronze Bar,
    280 Imbued Gold Bar,
    280 Imbued Mithril Bar,
    280 Imbued Platinum Bar,
    280 Imbued Silver Bar,
    560 Mild Excoriation of Earth,
    560 Perfect Flowstone,
    560 Perfect Maelstone,
    560 Polished Flowstone,
    560 Polished Maelstone,
    560 Potent Excoriation of Earth,
    280 Primal Essence of Amalgam,
    280 Primal Essence of Combine,
    280 Primal Essence of Fusion,
    280 Primal Essence of Melding,
    280 Primal Essence of Mergence,
    280 Primal Essence of Unifying,
    560 Rough Flowstone,
    560 Rough Maelstone,
    560 Smooth Flowstone,
    560 Smooth Maelstone,
    560 Strong Excoriation of Earth,
    420 Titian Crystalline Lattice,
    420 Violet Crystalline Lattice,
    420 Viridian Crystalline Lattice,
    560 Volative Excoriation of Earth,
    560 Weak Excoriation of Earth

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    Default Re: This IS about Istaria but a rant

    If they are not a lairshaper, then they need raw material numbers:
    25,200 tricuts
    37,800 focused crystals
    128,800 metal bars
    58,800 essence orbs
    92,400 bricks
    130,400 raw resources.

    (I think. Numbers were taken off my youtube vid so I halved the numbers.)

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    Default Re: This IS about Istaria but a rant

    Do you mean just for the T6? Haha.

    i seem to recall, it being way more than that at maxed lair shaping and assuming he can process T6 adamantium at 3:1 and everything else at 4:1. It was well over 60,000 travertine slabs just for one component of the T6 on my GH. I'll get the numbers for you later for max possible best scenario. Pretty sure is in the millions of resources.

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