Now that i've decided to come back to istaria full time i'm opening up Recruitment for my guild again. old and new players are welcome.

I am Founder and Guild Master for the Guild. We are Located on the Chaos shard. Blood Mist currently only has one active member (Me ^^") but i look forward to new guildies. Blood Mist is for all races, bipeds and dragons alike. i'd like for every one to get along in the guild.

i created the guild so i can help out newer players but old players are also welcomed into it :3.

The Current Structure for the guild is this:

Officer's and Master's Watchers run and keep the guild up dated on any events. (current positions filled are by inactive or alternative players *most of which are mine*.)

Experienced Ped/Dragon titles for when a player reaches a certain level of knowledge about the game and now has know how to help other players. (for players who have found sturdy foundations in the game and know how to get around)

Starter Ped/Dragon are titles for newer players. its not to embarrass you but so older players in guild know if you may need help. (new players are always welcomed ^^)

Alts Alternative characters to an existing guildie.

Since i'm the only active member, my Lair in Morning Light is currently the only plot the guild has.

so if you want to join just message me here or in game ^^.