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    I read something yesterday that just irritated the heck out of me. In the new James Bond movie Skyfall Bond will no longer be drinking his customary vodka martini "shaken, not stirred". Instead the producers of the movie sold out and now his drink of choice will be.....a Heinekin. Literally 50 years of film history and tradition flushed in favor of making an extra buck for product placement.

    The martini has always been one of the central features of the Bond character and I'm flat out ticked off that the producers of the movie did this. Granted, Bond has had things come and go over the years. Some due to cultural changes such as he no longer smokes. Has had different brands of cars though I know the Aston Martin is the preferred. But they really should not mess with something that core to the image of the character.

    Anyway, it just ticks me off and I wanted to vent a little.

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    Yea that is pretty obnoxious.

    I mean I coudl see it maybe if they had him stop drinking alcohol altogether (some type of role model thing - as he gave up smoking) but to switch his drink from a Vodka Martini to Heinekin is nothing but overt product placement and...just..stupid. :/
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    Ew .

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    Hm.. sad... I liked that in one of the later movies he just orders a vodka martini and does not care about stirred or shaken (he says something about "What's the difference?". I liked that, because the story of those movies is said to take place before the other ones. So it would have been a nice twist where James Bond finally discovers the difference between stirred and shaken and clings to shaken.

    Sad thing.
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    Bah. That's just stupid. grrr

    Though, on the smoking thing, I believe it happened because Pierce Brosnan refused to smoke, period, so they just wrote it out from there on out. Took a whole line of cool gadgets with it too. I wants my cigarette-missile. hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    Hm.. sad... I liked that in one of the later movies he just orders a vodka martini and does not care about stirred or shaken (he says something about "What's the difference?".
    That happened in Casino Royal. I happened to watch both that one and Quantum of Solace for the first time this past weekend which is why I started looking for articles on the new one. Earlier in the movie he discovers his trademark drink by rattling off a few ingredients and specifying it be shaken with a thin slice of lemon. He did it with a lot of style and several others at the table wanted one too. The part that you were referring to was after he just lost $10 million on a mistake, got cut off from getting an additional 5 so that he could buy back into the game and was just plain in a pout & ready to throw a tantrum by killing a few bad guys.

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