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Thread: Daknor's battle message

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    Default Daknor's battle message

    please, I'm not so skilled in english, and can't make full message, scribed on kwellens hides.
    can someone please write how looks full message, if it realy can be made from that pieces of words?

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    The hides do contain messages. What I have been able to locate on the forums are the following. Some are hound hides as well.

    Kwellen and Hound?
    *sigh* I had another tab open with another potential link but accidently closed it. I used kwellen hide for search term. Guess these two will be a start for you, think the other one just had hound hides on it.

    I couldn't find a list for all the hides. I tried searching the wiki but me and the search engine just don't get along on that site. I can't even find things I KNOW are in there with it.

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    thanx. not very oblivios tread name

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