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    So I am a returning player and this is my second week back after a few years, and was thinking while i was grinding out my scholar to 36 up on the mahagra slate fields, that its time that i find a guild. Some things im looking for in a guild, A good helpful environment where i feel welcome, maybe even some voice comm.. A place where i can contribute as well as ask for help. A guild thats not all about dragons but has a few in it would be nice. A guild that encourages group play.

    Some things i bring to the table are. I love crafting and questing. I will eventually get my old toon out of storage but for right now, i plan on playing my conj./scholar/tailor. I love to socialize and often do in marketplace, and i am quite the chatterbox. Lol hit me up in game, you will know me when you talk to me, Im Gwenieve the Black, Conjurer of the Glaring Quills. LMAO

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    Welcome back! There are many Guilds around that can give you what you're looking for and more. Sounds like you're already on the right path in finding one by talking to people in Marketplace, since it's often the most active. You could ask to be recruited or simply wait and eventually someone may ask you. Don't forget to check out some Player Chats, many Guilds have a public channel too so you can get to know some of the other players. Best of luck to you, and I'm sure you'll find a Guild that suits you.
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