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    Not sure if I am remembering the right game, But i seem to recall there being some sort of knowledge user interface that i used to have on my reaver to easily organize the recipes and spell section. I seem to recall being able to hit one button and then bring up all spells by class, tier, and type. Anyone rem this or able to make something like this or are you using something.

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    Well there is a knowledge book of scribed spells and techniques and that is K shortcut on your keyboard.

    Or there are abilities that come with specific schools and that is under the character window short cut C. under the Abilities tab then you have to select under that the bullet craft or adventure.

    I hope that helps you out

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    And the b key brings up all the spells you know.
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    You can always check the corner gem under Options --> Key Bindings to see what you have set for your "one key to know it all". ;-)

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    If you press B to open the spell book at the bottom theres a + and -. Use those to create a new category. Once its made all you have to do is drag any spell you want there and it will be listed in it.

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    Yeah, hmmm i think i rem that B,F,K all bring your knowledge and forms. THis is not what im talking about, someone had made a premade interface that basically had everything in its nice lil subsection.

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    Hmmm, I think some wires are getting crossed... are you refering to an in-game mod? If so, I've never heard of anything like this. If you're refering simply to a normal program, then the HCC is the way to go.

    When you mentioned you had it "on your Reaver" we must have all assumed you were refering to something in-game, but your knowledge window only shows you what you currently have scribed, and it's not sortable by school.

    The HCC is a wonderful program which can effectively fill your desire, but it won't show you what you have in-game, nor is it sorted by school (I think).

    I suppose it's possible that someone had mod which was effectively a list of plausbible knowledge window filters, but again, I've never heard of anything like this. Unfortunately you will likely have to just create a whole bunch of custom filters for yourself.

    You might also wish to try :

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
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