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    Default Ethreal armor tech

    Ethreal armor V req the same tech comps as armor V but Ethreal armor is not listed as a tech on the mithril golem fragment or the bloodskulk bloodmage finger. Jave not found any of the lower Ethreal armor techs to check them.
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    Got it. Thanks.
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    Sorry, I posted this to wrong thread. Meant to post to with the subject of "Quartermaster techs showing wrong info"
    I think you should take a free day and revisit every QM in the game and reverify the comps required (in tooltip of trade window). I will try to visit them all and post a list for the remaining QM's soon. But about to retire for tonight. But for today, I just visited Quartermaster 1 of 9 and found this:

    Quartermaster Grendan Stonemeld in Aughendell.

    So when you open a trade with him, and view all the techs he has for sale... Hover the list he has for sale and compare to the comps really required, once its scribed:

    WRONG (Crafting V: Incorrect comps listed in trade window):
    Alchemy V
    Carpentry V
    Clothworking V
    Cooking V
    Crystal Shaping V
    Earthencraft V
    Enchanting V
    Essence Harvesting V
    Essence Shaping V
    Essence Structuring V
    Fishing V
    Fitting V
    Foraging V
    Gemworking V
    Jewelcraft V
    Lairshaping V
    Leatherworking V
    Logging V
    Lumbering V
    Masonry V
    Metalworking V
    Mining V
    Preparing V
    Quarrying V
    Salvaging V
    Scalecraft V
    Smelting V
    Spellcraft V
    Spinning V
    Stoneworking V
    Tailoring V
    Tanning V
    Tinkering V
    Transmutation V
    Weaponcraft V
    Weaving V

    OK (Crafting V: Correct comps listed in trade window):
    Armorcraft V
    Fletching V
    Papermaking V
    Scribing V
    Sculpting V

    WRONG (Statistic V: Incorrect comps listed in trade window):
    Focus V
    Health V
    Power V
    Speed V
    Strength V
    Velocity V

    OK (Statistic V: Correct comps listed in trade window):
    None (All wrong)

    Thats just one Quartermaster. I can visit all the other quartermasters and make a list over next day or two, but thinking it would be just easier for you to go down every single tech for sale by every possible QM and reverify the comps when you hover the tooltip on the trade window.
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    Default Re: Ethreal armor tech

    Thank you for the post.

    This is actually a technical issue that we've asked our coders to work on, not a content one. NPC's should be "pulling" information from the current template, but they are not presently. There's no need to continue to post which QM's are wrong or any other instance of NPC's which need updating. Not sure when our coders will get to this, but it is on the "known issue" list.

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    Default Re: Ethreal armor tech

    Thanks for the reply

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