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Thread: Dralk's Forge opens to the public

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    Default Dralk's Forge opens to the public

    Runos' Forge in the heart of Dralk has been opened to the public. All t6 machines available in a manner that should hopefully reduce the chances of becoming directionally challenged. To find it, simply look for the floaty lair in dralk. Its the lowest one in the pit visible from the bridge.

    To get to silos, you simply can head right or left through the stoneworking room or the smelting room and head up. This is where most of them are, more are attached directly off the smelting room's top level. Two more can be found in the mid level of the entry lair next to the essence's top floor.

    The rest should hopefully be easy to navigate.

    On a different note, I ask that you clean up silos when you are done and not leave things in them too long so others may have room for their things too. If a silo says you do not have permission, I might have it in use for personal projects.

    Welcome to the forge!

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    Default Re: Dralk's Forge opens to the public

    the public silos have been temporarily locked down to build the lair's t4 hall. Machines remain public.

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