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Thread: *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*

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    Default *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*

    First of all, hello! I'm Alisto. It's nice to meet you all.

    Anyway, I started near the beginning of July. I played for 15 (more like 14) days, got to level adv28 craft9 and met lots of nice people. I subscribed to the game yesterday ^_^ because NEED 45 CRAFT FOR HELIAN ROP!

    How I came here....

    I was lurking (not stalking, mind you, lurking) on the world of warcraft forums. Yes! I play! Anyway, someone made a post about adding a 'dragon race' something or other. They're always complaining about something over there. In that post was the link to this game. And so this post was born!

    Hope to see you ingame I play on the role-playing shard.

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    Default Re: *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*

    Welcome, Alisto! If you're on Order shard (the Role-Playing shard), say 'hi' if you see my adult dragon, Morinare...and, if I can be of any help, don't hesitate to ask. (always happy to help another Helian!)
    Cogito, ergo sum Draconem.

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    *serves Alisto an [Imperial Urn] full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    welcome home! :-)

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    Default Re: *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*

    Greetings, Alisto! I'm glad to see a new player is up to the challenge of getting 40+ craft for the Helian rites instead of rushing for Lunus because it's easier It's rare these days.

    Welcome to the game and I'd love to help if you're on order if you see me around! I'm mostly not busy so don't be afraid to give me a buzz ;D All my chars are listed in my signature.

    Hope you enjoy Istaria! :3


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    Default Re: *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*


    Here is a Lunus, willing to help if a claw is needed,
    to show the WA that Helian and Lunus fight side to side against the evil
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*

    Hello Alisto, and welcome on Istaria. Feel free to ask players, here or in game, if you need help. And feel free to poke me when I'm online, my characters are LungTien Temeraire and Serynbeth LungTien.

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    Default Re: *some creative title that isn't just "new player"*

    Hey Alisto! Pearion'll be going for Helian too! Hope you're enjoying the game, you certainly seem to be. You're a great RPer in my opinion, and I'm glad to see you joining the forums too. As everyone already said, welcome to Istaria! Feel free to ask for help if you need it anywhere and most importantly, have fun! Also, I recently was told what Klava was, so enjoy your Klava. And speaking of that, thank you for giving everyone such a warm welcome Awdz. Also, because I have nothing better to do in character for this post...

    *Kyka bops Alisto on the head with her staff and then hugs him.*
    You look down on me, but you don't look down on me at all. You smile and laugh and I feel the love you have for me...I think we're going somewhere. And we're onto something good here. We're gonna make it after all.

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