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Thread: Any good ways to level in craft?

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    Question Any good ways to level in craft?

    Are there any ways other then making spells that a level 22 crafter dragon can level up without crystals? I have been struggling to find more quests with crafting included in them.

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    Default Re: Any good ways to level in craft?

    You'll continue to struggle if you try to level crafting via quests, unfortunately. Level 20 is probably about when it starts to get very hard to level without doing the con/decon grind.

    Until 25-30, your best bet is probably making and autodeconstructing the spell with the highest skill level that you have at optimum. Using a spell at optimum maximizes your recovery of materials during deconstruction, allowing you to craft that many more spells before you need to gather more stone.

    After that, it's probably time to move on to making T2 stone scales in the same way.

    The grind will be greatly reduced if you can get ahold of tech'd scales, gathering potions, and access to player-made machines to boost your skills.


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    Default Re: Any good ways to level in craft?

    Well there is the normal grind , make an decon methods.
    other option is working on adventure school to use higher teir scales and techs.

    stone scales can be made at any biped anvil just no bonus to scale crafting if used on a player owned plot.

    Once you get to granite the best spot is drift point and my plot

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    Default Re: Any good ways to level in craft?

    If you haven't done so, make sure you do the Cargo Disk quest from Nielenoss, as well. 15k craft xp may not be a lot, but, it's something and the quest isn't just fun but useful.

    As Raptress and and Starlight have said, spell-grinding is really your best bet; if you're on Order shard and don't yet have a set of teched mining scales, give me a gather the ingredients and I'll be happy to slap together scales and tool-claw, all nicely teched...they *do* make a difference.

    There are a few other crafting quests floating around out there (the gem-cutter lady in Bristugo comes to mind) but, by and large, the grind is the way to go....good luck!
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    Default Re: Any good ways to level in craft?

    Best way to level is patience, lots and lots of metal and make/decon scales.

    Try to pick a place, as you advance to each tier, that has a silo somewhere nearby. Making bars and storing them in your disk is about the slowest way to gather.

    Also having crafting scales is a huge boost and incredibly fast way to level (especially if you're already a high adventure level) as well as the highest bonus you can find as far as a machine.

    If you're not optimal with what you can find near the resources, it may be worth the time to drag them (or teleport them if you have a friend that can make you teleport scrolls) to somewhere that you can get that optimal processing.

    But definitely make scales since there is only one refinement (ore -> bar) and one material (bar) required.

    Spells require three refinements (slab ->brick -> spell shard, essence -> orb) and two materials (spell shard, orb). Granted, the exp his higher, but the time spent finding these other materials and the fact that they take up so much room in your inventory makes it not worthwhile.
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    Default Re: Any good ways to level in craft?

    It's rather a pity that there's no-where that you could set up a lair,like Abandoned Island that you could gather the things needed for spells enmass quickly,then store them in a a silo and craft them that way,as I've worked with slate at lv25 and the speed which it mined,compared to sandstone,had me pulling my hair out,as I'm used to loading my disk with blocks,then refining that and going back for more.

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    all i can say when you get to granite and glowing essence (glowies) my plot in drift point has a ungaurded glowies fields and a granite (with golems) next to it with public silos and jman shops

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    On the off chance folks did not realize it, there is now a journeyman blacksmith shop on the slate plot in Snowfall (Order shard). Since silos & stoneworking are already set up there for public use, it may be useful for dragons to make/decon scales there even without a crafting bonus from the shop.

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    Default Re: Any good ways to level in craft?

    Yeah. Patience is not something That I'm practiced at,as maybe I'm too used to the ease of working with sandstone. Just saying that as one person has said,storing the blocks in the cargo disk is not the best way to go about it,in general,but sadly I don't know of any plots in Chaos that have the necessary crafting stuff and a silo open for storage,as I'm using the Snowfall slate field and the Lair opposite to do all my crafting. I'm sure i''ll get the hang of it,given time.
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