Quartermaster Janner
? Hey there wayfarer. I?m Janner Cinderfall of the Cinderfalls that once resided in Feladan. When my Quartermaster duties are over I hope to return there and continue my practice of Alchemy. Until then I have set out to share the empires most wonderful discovery, in my opinion. The knowledge I have to share can turn ordinary armor into a wonderful expression of art. Take a look for yourself and see how they can turn a mundane suit of armor into a lively, customized wonder. If these techniques help put a smile on even one persons face then I feel there is still hope in life. Your welcome to purchase the Techniques I have available, but only if you have Imperial Bounty Markers.

Amenai Gauzir
? Good day. I wish I had wares to offer you ? I?ve been in the forge more and more often, these days -- but sadly my weapons are currently being requisitioned by the Empire. It?s a shame; I?m used to testing my weapons on the threats outside of town as much as I am to making them. Still, you have to go where you?re needed and do what?s required of you. Ah, but to swing my maul instead of this smithing hammer?

Sethos Bakari
- Alyssa guide your path, traveler. Do you find someone wishing the favor of a god upon you stranger? I suppose it may be, in this time and place. Alyssa, among other things, is the goddess of focus, which is always needed in my field. Those who follow the path of the disciple must always be focused in order to find their way to enlightenment. The gods may not be worshiped as they once were, but we can still remember and share the ideal they represent.

? Oh hello there. I?m trying to catch some fish, but I?m having no luck whatsoever today. I wonder if I am even fishing in the right spot.

Location is very important in fishing, but so is patience. In order to catch the best fish, you need to be consistent with your fishing. You need to be able to recognize the different kinds of fish you can find in the sea if you want to become a good fisherman.

There are lots of different fish you can catch. The most common kind of fish is the minnow. After that, there are bluegill. Next is bass, and then there are trout. You?ll find them close to the shore lines all around Istaria? except right here, I guess. Maybe if my pole had a techniques* applied to it, I?d get some nibbles.

Minnow are the most common fish in Istaria. Istarian minnows are smaller fish, but they still make a substantial meal when used for cooking. Any sort of fishing pole will work in catching them, but only those with enough skill in fishing will be able to pull a number of fish out before they scare off the school.

Bluegill are pretty common fish in Istaria, but it will take a better fishing pole thant he one most Confectioner or Gatherer trainers will hand out for free to catch them. Try using a cedar fishing pole at the very least.

Bass are a less common, though very tasty fish found in Istaria. You will need some decent equipment and skill in order to land some fish out of a school you might spot. You will need at least an elm fishing pole to even try to land some bass.

Trout are quite the delicacy in the lands of Istaria, and it takes a fisherman with sufficient skill and equipment in order to land the catches. You need at least an oak fishing pole to catch trout, and you should have a fair amount of skill in order to get some fish before you scare off the school with all the water splashing your pole will do.

*You know you can apply techniques to tools like fishing poles when you make them, right? I happen to know a little something about Blacksmithing, so I know some good fishing techniques. I?m willing to share this knowledge with you in exchange for doing me some favors?that is if you are interested in doing it.

Guard Sash
? Not much action to be seen here in town, which suits me well enough. My contract states I must lend aid when necessary, so if you find yourself beset by monsters I suppose I can help.

Er, yes, I will if need be. Between you and me, just stick with the easy stuff. It?s so much less trouble for both of us.

Private Ghede
? This is the Kion Military Headquarters; if you have business with the militia, you will probably find whomever you are looking for here. If you aren?t looking for anyone, then move along.

Corporal Leshlia
? Welcome to the Kion Militia Headquarters. My name is Corporal Leshlia, and my duties for the militia include the assigning of tasks and service to be performed on behalf of the Saris state for all able bodied citizens of the Empire. Are you here, reporting for duty?

Excellent ? Kion always needs able-bodied individuals to aid us in many different capacities. We currently have tasks that need to be performed that adventuring is best suited for, and we have tasks aimed more at crafting. Which would you prefer?

Sergeant Kipson
- Welcome to the Militia Headquaraters of Kion. My name is Sergeant Kipson, and I am the protocol officer here. I handle all the general business affairs of the Militia Headquarters. Do you have business here with the militia, or are you simply being nosey? If you are being nosey, do so elsewhere. The Saris Militia Headquarters is not a social club.

Yes business, as in official business pertaining to Lady Kendra and her government here in Kion, the militia of Kion, and the general welfare of the Saris people. That is sort of business I am referring to. The *commander is very busy with the war and all, so if you are here to socialize, I recommend you do that elsewhere. If you are here pertaining to affairs of the Saris state however, then let me know please.

Lady Kendra is the head of the Saris state. She handles a lot of the civilian issues here in the city. She also makes it a point to greet people as they arrive in Kion via the travel gates; she?s a bit quirky like that, but her leadership skills are invaluable to Kion and the Saris people. Anyway, she is often is looking for people to perform tasks for her, in service to Kion and the Saris people. If you have some adventure experience under your proverbial belt, look her up.

*Commander Jaleo Devins is the executive officer of the Kion Militia, as well as a decorated hero of the Saris people. He was present at the Battle of Tazoon, when he led Saris and Sslik soldier into the fight against the Withered Aegis. It is a pleasure and an honor to serve under him.

Officer Drassalk
? I am Drassalk, and I serve the Sslik brood as its military attaché to Kion. We are close, the Sslik and the Saris, and I work to ensure cooperation between our peoples continues. There are those that would see the Sslik and the Saris enemies?those who stand in the way of the developing Empire. They are a *greater threat than even the Withered Aegis.

Even before the Lament, the Sslik and the Saris have been allies. When the other races either hunted the Sslik or turned their back on us when we needed aid the most, the Saris treated us as equals. We were welcome here in Lessor Aradoth, and for the first time in many moons, we were allowed to live in peace. Since the Lament, our former enemies have endured much against the Withered Aegis. We now give aid to those who had hunted us, showing that the Sslik are above their malice.

Yes, malice is a sign of weakness within the spirit, and we as a race know he value of the spirit. The Saris have helped us to see the many different paths of spiritual enlightenment, and now we work with them to bring strength to the Empire. We know it is the right thing to do to forgive the past crimes against us?but the true spirit of the Sslik will never forget.

*Yes, mark my words now, for they will ring true in time. There are those who use the Empire for their own gain, but when the time comes, they will sunder the Empire and the unity we have worked hard to create. When that time comes, though, they will be surprised, for the Sslik will be ready for their treachery. We run no more. This is all I will speak on this.

Commander Jaleo
? Welcome to the Kion Militia Headquarters. I am Commander Jaleo Devins, military leader of Kion. I report directly to Lady Kendra, who is our leader; the Saris are vigilant, yes, but we are not a militaristic people like some of the other Living Races. Anyway, normally I wouldn?t have the time for simple questions and answers, since I do have a city to help protect and all?but you and I share something in common. Yes, we do.

But you and I are both members of the Gifted ? that is what we have in common. I discovered this at the Battle of Tazoon, when my Saris and Sslik skirmishers flanked a column of undead marching toward the city. We struck hard and fast, though I myself was not fast enough to dodge the sword of a zombie I had underestimated; never think that zombie are merely automatons. They are driven with a hateful purpose. We thwarted their advance, but I was slain. Well, sort of slain.

I felt the light around me slip away as I lay on the ground bleeding. I saw a couple of my men standing above me shouting something, but I heard no sound from them. Then just as darkness has settled around me, I felt a warmness come over me. I felt light of body, as though I were traveling by flight. Then, I swear I heard a crack, much like that from a whip. I felt my body be yanked down, rapidly. Light flooded back into my eyes, and I found myself?well, I found myself back here in Kion.

Before the Great Hall of the Gifted was constructed, those Gifted who were slain for the first time would return to their first point of origin?namely where they were first born into the world. Now the Great Hall accepts all the newly discovered Gifted. Meanwhile, we now can tether our souls to shrines located throughout the world. Some credit the power of the shrines to the gods of Istaria, but I ask you this ? what have these fickle deities done for us in our greatest time of need? Nothing I say, and the power present in the shrines is nothing more than our own wills. Anyway, I must return to my duties. Good day to you.

Private Wania
? Only visitors on official business with Commander Devins should be loitering in this area. As his personal guard and assistant, it is my duty to ensure that he is protected at all times. So unless you are here on official business, then I strongly suggest you move along.

If you don?t know that Commander Devins is the executive officer of the Kion Militia, then you shouldn?t be here. If you?ve not heard of his legendary exploits at the Battle of Tazoon, then you shouldn?t be nosing around where you have no business doing so. Now move along, before you get yourself into trouble.

Private Reshamun
? I?m going to go out on a limb and say that you aren?t supposed to be here. No matter ? you obviously aren?t undead, so I am not too worried.

I?m on duy right now as the lookout for the militia. Just over there a ways is the East Gate, one of the two main routes into Kion proper. Because the main continent is to the east of this island, if we were to be invaded by the Withered Aegis, they more than likely would be coming through that gate.

Lesser Aradoth is as far from the front lines as you can get, but that does not mean that we need to be slack in our vigilance. We observe the points of entry into Kion at all times, and the militia is ready every minute of the day to spring into action against the Undead Hordes. There are parts of the island that are currently under the sway of the Blight, sure, but they are nowhere as powerful as a legion of the Aegis itself, believe you me.

There are areas in Lesser Aradoth that have fallen to the Blight, unfortunately. The closer to the center of the island you go, the more likely it is for you to be ambushed by these creatures. If you veer off the main roads here on Lesser Aradoth, be careful.

Guard Helles
? And good travels to you as well. I and my friend Felessi have chosen to test our combat skills by serving as guards for this fine community. Though Hasera looks down on it, I greatly enjoy a brawl when I get the chance. If you find yourself being attacked, I?ll gladly help.

Felessi and I are both trained as monks under Hasera Steelclaw, who typically meditates on the small island to the northwest of Kion. We?re good friends, and when Felessi mentioned she was working as a guard as away to hone her martial arts abilites it struck mea s good fun. Speak of which, might you be interested in doing me a favor?

We?ve been exchanging notes to pass the time. Nothing much really, just making conversation?I?ve got a reply to her last note here, could you possibly deliver it for me? In exchange I?ll provide you with temporary protection from energy.

Guard Felessi
? Ah, hello. My trainer, Hasera Steelclaw, suggested I might improve my hand to hand skills by working as a guard near town. If you have any trouble from the undead or other foes, I?ll lend a hand.

Hasera is a monk, and teacher. She resides on a small island northwest of town, contemplating her art and practicing forms. If you have an interest in following the ways of unarmed combat, perhaps you should speak to her.