? Beloa tells you, ?Welcome to the momentary home of the Vielo. Some call us by other names, and some of those names are less flattering than others, but Vielo is what we call ourselves. We are descendants of a wandering tribe, entrusted by the Old Gods to be keepers of ancient wisdom. Show respect for our people and our ways, and I am sure we will get along fine.?

Beloa tells you, ?As a people, we do not spend much time in one place. IN part, this is because those not of our tribe do not fully trust us, and we do not like to wear out our welcome. Then again, perhaps our transient nature is partially to blame for the locals? mistrust. Ah well, either way, if you wish to do business with us you had best do it now. We may have moved on by the time you next return to this place.?

? Felip tells you, ?Every new face I meet seems to ask the same question. They all wonder where we?ve been, why they haven?t seen us before. Is it so surprising that a people steeped in eldritch wisdom, blessed by the very god of travel, might have their own ways of coming and going? The roads we walk are not always the ones you are accustomed to, ungrel.?

Felip tells you, ?Yes, ungrel. That is our word for one not of Vielo ancestry. Which you are clearly not, or you would not be asking such impudent questions.

? I am Boltoro, keeper of weapons lore for our people. The Vielo do not have the luxury of a permanent forge, so I have few opportunities to create new weapons. Even so, my knowledge of history is far more valuable, if you have the means to act on it. Ancient weapons of power are hidden in every corner of Istaria, but without knowledge such as mine, you wouldn?t be able to tell the priceless artifacts from the ruined trash.

? Granja tells you, ?If you are looking for knowledge in its purest form, I might be able to help. I collect all manner of writings, both old and new. I hold in my possession all manner of treatises, manifestos, diagrams, charts, and epistles. Much of what I guard shall never be know to the likes of you, of course, but I think I have a few scraps of wisdom I can responsibly share with an ungrel??

? Genuata tells you, ?Hail, fellow traveler! Someone like you probably understands what it is like for us, wandering the land, finding rare and interesting items. Is it not amazing, the trinkets one ends up with after only a short time?

Genuata tells you, ?Of our tribe, I am the one with the greatest knowledge of crystals; I understand their power better than any amond us, and I can tell the magical from the mundane at the merest glance. If you seek crystals of extraordinary value, I am the one you should deal with.?

? Korlottia tells you, ?We Vielo tend to accumulate all sorts of odd trinkets in our travels. By and large, these probably seem like junk to most people, but we have a way of helping items find their way to those who seek them. Perchance you are such a seeker? Feel free to browse my wares; I would love to find a new home for some of my poor lost baubles.