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    The guild that has stood the test of time
    Our founder Image has played Istaria since its first beta.
    And there are a few other core leaders such as myself (Agua), Flatspin, Shashy, Xanthia, Galadar, Blue, and Avahez. (just to name a few)

    I myself have been with Istaria for almost 6 years. I recently have become much more active and have found Timeless on average having around 5 players online when it used to be more like 10 to 15. I would love for this to happen again.
    So are you looking for a guild? We are located on the Chaos shard. Our guild town is South March.
    Timeless is a small guild with around 180 members and as I said usually 5 players online at a time. Our group is friendly and welcoming to new and old players alike (and have a population of Unity players), we have a large population of dragons and high leveled bipeds as well and are always looking for more friends to join our ranks.
    Timeless also is a guild that has semi-active Role Players. I myself love to Role-Play along with a few of our other members. The majority of our population is scattered around the world from Europe to the USA even a few from Asian countries.

    If at all interested in more of what our guild is about, please join our Timeless-Public Chat Channel, or feel free to ask here or send me a tell in game. My dragon is Agua and my saris is Lolaya.


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    Default Re: Timeless

    Hey Agua, *hugs*
    and Shartan, Skywise ....
    You also forgot to mention we are the nuttiest guild around };=)
    Having fun is our 1st rule.

    But did you have to mention my age. }:=P
    Yes, Timeless is about to celebrate its 8th anniversary.
    Born from chaos into Chaos on the day of the merge; September 2, 2004.
    Older then lairs even. LOL
    Welcome to all

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