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Thread: Lantis has some questions

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    Default Lantis has some questions

    hi, i just started playing so i have some basic questions:

    Where can i find/buy improved spirit/flame bold? (as spell or formular)

    I'm sure i'll get some more questions as i continue playing...

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    First of all, welcome to Istaria, Lantis...

    You can occasionally find formula on the Consigner in New Trismus, although she's usually stocked with only the spells, rather than formula; a better bet for some formula would be the Imperial Spell Vendor in New Trismus (the big dragon, Resliak). Additionally, quite a few trainers offer things for sale, so, see if you can "trade" with them.

    Many formula are drop-only, so, your only options there would be to find the formula yourself (killing the right critter) or finding a player who's gotten that formula as a drop. Use the more populated Chat Channels (New Player, Marketplace and Dragon, especially) to ask...some players will simply give you an item while others may expect to be compensated...always nice if you *offer* first.

    Finally, since there are more dragons than bipeds, make friends with as many as you can...most of the dropped formula are for things that dragons really have no use for and most of us are more than happy to give away or sell a biped formula....

    Good hunting!
    Cogito, ergo sum Draconem.

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    Hi there, thanks for your welcome!

    Your hint with the channels worked after a while i got the spell (i allready was 16 before finally get the lvl 10 spell ).

    Sadly the consigner has near to nothing usefull stuff for starting people like myself. I see 2 reasons: first i can only post 10 items (which is ok if there are a lot of people around) and secound there are just a few completly new players around at the moment.

    The imperial spell vendor has no usefull spells for lvl10. Also the scolar trainer doenst seem to to have any at all. (on NewTrismus)

    Again: thanks for your help!

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    by the way this post should be in help section, must have mad a misclick somewhere

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    Ok, heres my next question, maybe im blind:
    How can i edit my posts?

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    You can only edit posts for 30 min after they are posted, then they are stuck as is unless a forums moderator does something with them.

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    i dont really know

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    Ok thanks for the info awdz.

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