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    Hi there,

    i just started myself but it seems there are no up to date guides here (correct me if im wrong). So im gonne start a new one and hope you experienced guys help me a bit.

    first some links to forum post that migth not be up to date but still are quite helpfull:
    How to Start Playing by arseovrteakettl replace while reading NewBrommel with NewTrismus
    MapPack 3.6 by Terao
    FAQ: SkillPoints by pogowolf
    CraftingGuide by pogowolf
    DeathPointsGuide by pogowolf

    So for absolute beginners:
    if you start with a non human char you have to pay after some days, so just keep that in mind.

    So if your something beside a dragon you can choose your schools (aswell in adventure as in crafting). Here is a wiki link where you can see them.
    As a biped you can choose multiple schools, which is great but keep in mind that the more schools and level in them you have the higher gets your rating.
    Rating decides the experience you gain for doing stuff like quest, killing and so on.
    Popular multiclassing for beginners seems to be:
    1 healing school like: cleric/healer/druid
    1 damage dealing school: warrior/spiritist
    The above are only examples! Also you are able to play 1 school solo.

    Next there are some intersting chat channels you should join (i just quote here):
    "Use the more populated Chat Channels (New Player, Marketplace and Dragon, especially) to ask...some players will simply give you an item while others may expect to be compensated...always nice if you *offer* first." by Morinare Blackclaw
    To join these channels you can use the button which looks like a bubble with an exclamation mark in it. Just klick on it and then choose your channels one after another.
    Use these channels in case you need help with anything.

    So now you actully have a char and started playing, i would suggest that you follwow quest at the beginning. They give you a decend amount of experience points and some gold. Beside that you also get to know where everthing you need is.

    There comes a time when you are in need of something, before asking you should check the consigner. This is an NPC where players can put stuff in it for selling to other players. You can only offer 10 items within it.
    If your looking for something specific i recommend to use the filter in it, so that you dont have to wait so long.
    From time to time you dont find what you need neigther in the consingner nor via chat channels, then you only have a few options: easiest -> ask later again, again and again; or do it yourself. In case of getting armour do some crafting, or if you need a formular go hunting.
    Warning: on NewTrismus i have never seen any formular dropping!
    If your on a hunt and looking for formulars try pygmies and golems.

    Ok thats all for now, have fun!

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    Default new Player Guide

    I cant edit, what is a bit annoying, so here are some small addition.

    Another interesting link for getting started:

    Still i would like some more experienced players to add something about crafting!
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    Default Re: new Player Guide

    you can edite for 30 minutes after you post but other then that you cant edit\

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    Default Re: new Player Guide

    Not sure what you're looking for regarding Crafting, but, as a Dragon, two things instantly come to mind...first of all, we always need what we cannot yet craft, and, we no longer need what we *can* least, it always seems that way! Secondly, if you've got a good selection of crystals, I've found it much better to socket my scales/claws, rather than putting specific techs...allows much more flexibility, and, quite often, the same level crystal gives a better bonus.
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    @sparkle: Yeah i got that from the other post, thanks anyway.
    Mainly its bad because you have to ready every post till the end to search for usfull information. Its clear this tread isnt long enougth to be a problem in this one, still its kinda strange.

    @Morinare: There are for example beside the 4 starting craft schools a bunch of others. So there come questions to my mind like: Should i level for example miner first too 100 before anything else if i intend to do stuff with metal? What i heard for now is: You shouldnt, because of the skill thats used for deconstruktion.
    Next what would come to my mind would be: Hey ok how about i doing alchemist for the potions first so you can help with potions to havest/mine faster and after that continue whatever?
    Post that i allready have seen on other sites like crafting obsidian could still be helpfull. But im quite sure that i dont know all the usefull sites and clearly i dont have the knowlege to decide if they are still up to date.
    So what would help is clearly if you guys dont want to write stuff completely new say: Hey look here is a great useful link if you want to be a statue for example.
    For the dragon part, i ablsolutly have no clue about dragons beside that most of them look funny.

    So a new guide fragment of information that i can say from my short game experience is:
    If you have mainly a single adventurer class, dont worry about hunting mop way below your level. If you try to hunt on your level you need decend equipment, which isnt really availible. (Main reason for that would be: people can only post 10 items. This is only about 1 set of armour for example. - Maybe i write a suggestion about that maybe, because that limit seems to be for a really crowded server)
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    Default Re: new Player Guide

    First off, I've noticed you said this a couple of times, but I've always forgotten to correct*you* might only have 10 slots on the consigner, but, once you subscribe, you'll have (I believe) 50...and, if you become a plot-holder, I think that goes up to 150....I've had several sets of armor, dozens of spells and spell/tech components, along with useless (to me) biped formulas on the Consigners at one time. The reason you don't see more lower level stuff on the consigner is simple: we're lazy, and don't always get to making stuff....

    As I've said, I'm a dragon and have never gotten a biped alt past about level 10, so, I'm no expert...seems to me, though, if you're planning on multi-classing a crafty biped, it wouldn't make sense to raise one school all the way to 100 before moving to another. If, for example, you were multi-classing a scholar, you'd only need be able to make spell-shards at a level your scholar could use, maybe a Tier above, just so you'd be ready to level that scholar. But, that's really more of a guess than anything'd be better off finding an answer from a higher-level biped....
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    Default Re: new Player Guide

    Most suggestions I have seen regarding biped crafting is that you should raise blacksmith to 100 (I've also heard 80) first. Blacksmith is responsible for making all the tools that every craft school will need, and also has skills for mining, logging, and quarrying which will carry over to the majority of other craft schools and allow one to level them up very quickly. I believe after that, most take up scholar for essence working and level it up quickly using stone skills from blacksmith. (This information may be outdated though; I'm not entirely sure if this strategy was affected by the addition of scrolls to scholar.)

    Miner, gatherer, and tinkerer are the three classes that include the salvaging skill. The issue with the salvaging skill is that it's responsible for deconstructing items. This means that if the skill you are using to deconstruct and gain experience in a class without salvaging skill is lower than any salvaging skill you have gained, you will not get experience for deconstructing those items unless you're in the school that has the salvaging skill.

    For example, a blacksmith deconstructing a tool will be using his metalworking skill for that, unless he has a higher salvaging skill from tinkerer/gatherer/miner. If this is true, the salvaging skill will be used instead, but since salvaging is not a skill that blacksmiths earn experience from, that experience is lost.


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