So... the Battlemaster tells you to grab some friends and head into the Tomb to kill Aggathos. (Keeping in mind this is a T2 quest)

So, I toddle in being all studly and lvl 100 and all. And I find...

Aggathos = Abomination of Fear, Abomination lvl 87!!!

I went in loaded for bear anyway, so I kill it and get: 1 Silver Nugget, 1 Silver Earring Setting, 1 Pale Ice Armor Crystal, 1 Blighted Scale.

The chests had: 3 crystals and a hoard shield; plus; Medium wallet, a tech and a crystal. (I got 2 chests this time in, one mimic and one regular)

What I want to know is... how does a T2 group of ANY size kill a lvl 87 critter?!? There is NO way they could even hit it, let alone kill it. Doesn't matter how many of them there are... T2 vs. lvl 87 (aka T4/5) means dead.

I had fun tooling around in there but WOW.