Tailgrimm looked from the left to the right. The foul stench of the deadlands filled his nose and green light was emitting from the cracks inbetween his feet. He closed his fists even tighter around his cane (im just gonna assume Tail likes the mage school XD) calling up some arcane spells in his mind that could help him now, but the situation was rather unfortunate. A little smirk rushed over his face: "Well Fafnir, it looks like this is it." Fafnirs eyes got smaller and a deep growl came up his throat as a clear answer. He moved his ears a bit and the other hounds closed the last gaps that could have been possible escape routes. So the undead hordes aren`t so dumb after all. They communicate in other ways than us. Very clever. This is it. Tailgrimm either wins or dies here. He took a deep breath and screamed at the top of his loungs: "Then what are you waiting for?!?!" With a loud shriek Fafnir signalized his group to attack and the hounds ran growling and howling towards Tail. With his eyes set on Fafnir Tailgrimm summoned his strongest Flame spell, his own invention, the Hell Circle, to finally erase Fafnirs foul presence from Istarias landmaps. The land beneath his feet burning and Fafnirs sharp teeth rushing towards him, he screamed his final words: "I will die in honor!" ???: "Of course you will Tail. But not today!" A gigantic tounge went from the right to the left over Tailgrimms face. Confused and a bit dizzy Tail rushed up from his nightmarish dream with a gasp for air to wake up in his tend with a smirking Aekaitz at the entrance.

Well? What do ya think? A beginning of a little guild adventure i am working on.

Tailgrimm quickly lifted his hand and erased the last signs of his fight with the pillow wich he must have mistaken for Fafnir from his dream. Aekaitz couldn`t help it and giggled a bit. But then her face became serious again. "The same dream again?“ she asked with a slight sign of concern in her eyes. "Yeah. I`ve been having the same dream each full moon. Tho every time there is a different Epic the attacker. Daknor and his Kwellen, Gruk and his... whatever they are. They are ugly. The Avatar of Pain and now Fafnir and his hounds. Each time it seems so realistic and each time...“ Tailgrimm pauses for a moment and Aek rolls with her eyes. "Yes I know. Each time it ends with you casting the Hell Circle. Come on Tailgrimm this spell is totally unfinished and dangerous on top of that. Last time you tried to finish it you blew yourself up! You were lucky that i know some healing spells.“ The smirk in her face got even wider and she gestured Tail to come out the tent. "Ugh, my neck starts to hurt from looking down to you.“ Aekaitz pulled her head out of the tent wich filled the whole entrance btw. Tailgrimm was a bit irritated. Aek might play it down but he is sure that something bothers her about the fact, that these dreams only occur during full moons. Each time they end at the same point, when Tailgrimm tries to cast his new unfinished spell "Hell Circle“ A very powerful fire based force of nature. If it would work. Something is still missing to complete the spell. Tailgrimm worked half a year on it but still didn`t figure it out. Each time he tries to do it, it ends in a failure or worse in a explosion. Maybe it would help to see it finished in his dreams? Tailgrimm hopes for that but each time something manages to wake him up before he can see the results of the spell. Be it Aekaitz licking over his face, Pryzm smashing the tent with her tail by accident or Eimee accidently burning it down. Always at exactly the same point. It`s like something is trying to prevent him from seeing the results. But why would Aekaitz worry about that? The spell would be a gigantic help in some fights. Valkor would shudder only from thinking about it. And by transfering the fire into other attack types the Empire could finally have a bigger advantage over the other Aegis. He could finally redeem himself. Tailgrimm did some bad things in his past so he decided to make up for it in some way. When he stumbled across this ancient scroll in Dralnok`s Doom with the basic idear of this "Hell Circle“ he started working on it together with Pryzm. With her knowledge about fire as a dragon he managed to get quite far. A mix of fire and primal magic. Ofc they asked Valkoth and Semeneth before starting to work on such an experiment. After all it was a combination of Naka magic with pure Primal dragon magic. Some Lunus dragons were against it, beeing afraid of their pure magic tainted by the Nakas. But for Tail`s and Pryzm`s surprize Valkoth agreed. She and Semeneth had a look over the ancient scroll and their interest was awakened. It was written by a Dragon with the name Arras... The rest wasn`t readable. She must have been a respected ancient born in the times before the closing of the Gate of Embers. A Dragon knowing Drulkar himself. Someone with alot of knowledge so it must be worth a try. The spell is almost finished but it`s missing a final component to stabilize it and control the power so Tail wouldn`t get destroyed himself. Simplified: It`s supposed to create a fire circle and set the ground on flames. Blue flames. Hot enough to burn someone to ashes in seconds. After charging up to the max it should swarm out as a wave around the caster in a pretty big area. Why it`s called Hell Circle? Because everything including the ground will be looking like burning hell after the wave is done spreading. But every time he tries to charge, the power goes out of control. Tailgrimm wants to see the ending of his dream but Aek seems worried about that. Maybe she is even the cause of all his accidental wake ups.... Thinking about it. Pryzm smashed his tent with her tail because Aek and her were training next to his tent. Eimee burned it down because she had to sneeze after Aek tickled her. And now the lick over his face. Accidents or intention? No i`m sure it means nothing. How could Aek know when he starts casting the spell in his dreams after all. He shakes his head to get rid of the last signs of beeing tired and crawled out of the tent. The sun just started to wake up herself.

Well? What do ya think? ^^A little guild adventure i am working on.