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    Hello everyone,

    I once played Istaria, then called Horizons, years and years ago when it first came out, and I adored it. However, I played with my brother and did not speak much to other players so when he quit I did as well. I attempted to return to the game when the free trials first opened (and I had a break in college), but found that the individual that I spent my time playing with (a hatchling close to her RoP) had used me as free labor/help while completely ignoring quests I needed. I had wasted so much of my trial that I felt ridiculous and put off of paying for a subscription.

    Needless to say I am back to the game I have always adored, but thus far I am disappointed in the lower level player base. I was excited to jump back into the game and have a blast, but was greeted rudely and inconsiderately by a number of hatchlings in the first town on multiple occasions. I came in excited to be playing, only to be rebuffed when asking a few basic game-play questions to catch myself up or attempting to join what appeared to be a casual RP. Perhaps, I should have started off with a new character and ran through the tutorial first thing (which I have now done) but I did not expect to have to. It was kind-of a bummer.

    All in all I am excited to be here, with years of (rusty) RP experience under my belt I am ready to write for all my worth and enjoy every subsequent moment spent on Istaria. I plan on maining a red male dragon named Urtheron, hope to see everyone in game!


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    *serves urtheron an [Imperial Urn] full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    welcome home! :-)

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    Welcome back Urth,
    good to have you here (on Order I assume?).

    If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me ingame. Glad to help.
    You may want to join the different chat channels too.
    Nice people all around.

    Naughty, snotty-nosed brats in New Trismus?
    Take them as what they are: Babies/children
    we have those in all realms- right?
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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    Hello Urtheron, and welcome back on Istaria.

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    Welcome back, Urtheron...don't let a few rude hatchies spoil your fun; most here are friendly and helpful and more than willing to answer questions, and, a lot of us are quite happy to enter into a little RP, as well.

    Have fun!
    Cogito, ergo sum Draconem.

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    I agree with the others here about the rudelings - just ignore them, there's a bunch of them. They knock off the instant you show some backbone.

    Welcome back though and I hope you enjoy it here as you did before!

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    Welcome back Urth!!
    I`ll be more then happy to lend a helping paw to a returning player! as well as any advice you may need.

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