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Thread: Stooping TOO Low

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    Default Stooping TOO Low

    Some of you may have seen my picture from the Istarians IRL thread of me holding a chicken... (in case you haven't, click here)

    See that watch? It's old. About 1 or 2 years. It runs a little on the fast side, and the band holder broke so I used a black rubber band. Its faded. I got it for my 13th or 14th birthday. It's worth 2-5$.

    Some idiot stole it.

    I can't believe it. That little watch is worth nothing to anyone but me. It has so much sentimental value for little to no reason. I wore it every single second of the day except if I swam or showered.

    I have to swim at school to graduate, so I was going into the pool. I left my watch in the locker room hidden under my backpack and plastic bag for my wet clothing. I was the last one out, and my class is the first one back in. So no one could of taken it in that time.

    I completely forget to grab my watch before I left the locker room. I came back about 15 minutes later. It's gone.

    How could someone stoop so low as to steal a watch? It's a watch worth nothing to them.

    I really hope someone picked it up and put it in lost&found like a rational person.... that watch is worth so much to me.

    Ever have anything like this happen to you?

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    Yes, I have had this happen to me, on multiple occasions... I have had the intense displeasure of having many things of sentimental value to me stolen when I was in high school.

    I do hope you manage to get it back, if it helps, I'm sorry that it's gone.


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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    It has happened - but it wasn't a watch. Found it pretty creepy someone was stealing pieces of my clothing from the dryer in my old apartment laundromat. Never did find out who it was.

    Hope you get your watch back. Stinks to lose something with a sentimental value attached to it.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    So many clepto`s (or however you spell the term for people who steal things no matter the worth)
    Some idiot stole my prescription glasses from work once. Yeah. what good are those gonna be? O.o

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    People will steal for the sake of stealing simply because they have the opportunity to do so. It's in our nature.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    I understand your grief Rack- I really do.
    And as others say- it makes no sense to think about
    why people take away things from others.
    That is the world nowadays, and it was like that since mankind started to collect possessings. And it will always be.

    Why not take it as a lesson?
    Why not say:I am lucky- I wasen`t robbed, injured or even worse?

    Save money or have a Birtday wish, for a new watch.
    Start a new age of chronometry:-)
    Material things-even if they are of sentimental value are replaceable-
    your physical and mental health, your family and friends
    are not.

    I once had my cowboyboots stolen while I was in gym.
    I had to walk home on my ballet flats.

    They stole my dad`s new washcloths when he was in hospital.
    He did not return home again.
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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    At least I'm not the only person who has had something of sentimental value taken away. (Of course, I always knew I wasn't the only one - but I meant at least here.)

    And what you say, Luv, is very true. I'm very lucky to still have my parents together, nevermind have the sweet family and friends that I do. (Most of my friends have divorced parents.)

    But there is good news - it happened to be one of my friends in gym class who found my watch on the bench, and took it with her for safe keeping. Thank Drulkar for that, and that someone has actually done the right thing. She says she'll give it to me tomorrow. I'm very lucky that it wasn't lost forever.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    I am happy for you that you will be getting it back afterall!

    Now to glue that sucker on so it never goes missing again

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    Stooping too low? No truer words ever spoken. Someone broke into our house and stole my laptop, my chest that contained all items that my family gave me when they passed away, and are irreplaceable. All gone, forever. Police cant even find them. It was my heritage to be passed down to my only son. Now, he has nothing to be passed down to him. Such is life. I sometimes still sit and cry over the loss.....but it doesnt get me anywhere. So no more crying. Whoever stole it will rot you know where.!

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    Haha thanks, Xan. ;P I may as well.

    Oh god, I'm sorry to hear that, Peaches. So many people these days have just nothing better to do than steal it seems. D: But your son can still have things passed down to him, I'm sure; it may not be as old, or as long in the family, but you can still pass to him special objects from your own lifetime to restart the cycle.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    Imo some people just do not even care what others feel. To me i think their mind set is is basically finders, keepers. honestly it seems anymore has become something of a fictional concept to many. Other just may do it to cause pain to other. I dealt with it in my school years and made more than enough people hating me for turning them in for stealing or even attempting to steal, still sorry that happened to ya and in part this is why i sometimes say i prefer my animals over humans.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    A pencil I had been using for about four years one day just dissapeared.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    Am sorry you lost your pencil and I hope one day you find it.

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    the thing about people stealing...

    people will steal ANYTHING.

    i work in a Casino as security. i had someone tell me their father's wheelchair got stolen. i look around, and i find it, some guy was sitting in it playing a slot machine with a walking cast on. i go back to the guy and say i found it. we go back, and then i find him missing, the wheelchair abandoned not too far away. i scared the creep away by just walking past.

    so... make sure you don't leave ANYTHING unattended for longer then 5 minutes. people WILL steal anything. i've had someone that dropped their $200 dollar cash voucher, and within 5 - 10 minutes it dissapeared. and then redeemed in those 10 minutes. you have to watch your stuff. or lock it up.

    sorry to hear your watch was stolen...but that's human nature. take anything that's not bolted down.

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    Default Random Story

    A few years back, before i got to the age to be able to take much seriously, i had went to a wedding. very pleasent, yet rather boring, and had cake. woo. I come back home and go into my room, and the first thing i noticed was that my Wii was gone. naturally, being a little kid, or a little older than that, i flipped out. i later learned my brother's Xbox was also taken. Just the idea of it is the bad part to me though. it's a happy day, someone's getting married, happiness and stuff. then you come back home and find a good few expensive items missing. doesn't seem to really fit in the mood, does it?
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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    My son ran into that problem from the breakin. But they didnt steal his xbox, they stole the brain for it. We ended up buying the brain for him for his birthday present. He really appreciated that. Yes, folks can be ............................

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    I've had some bad run ins with thieves. I've also had some... nice ones?

    Went to the library, paid for some food and went to a table to juggle the stuff around and eat. Got up and left. Two hours later, I realize my wallet is nowhere on me. Desperate and nearly in tears, I go back to the library. So many people pass through that lounge in a single hour, there is no way it is still there...
    Except it's still on the table. It's the same color as the low table so it took me a minute to see it.
    Two hours later with new people in the chairs typing away on their laptops and my wallet was still there. I was honestly dumbstruck.

    When I was on leave once, I begged my mom to let me take one of my friends to campus. It was the beginning of the semester so I could just sneak in to classes for a week.
    Parked my 93 dodge caravan in a nice spot. Came back from lunch to get my music players and the car was not in that spot. I walked around the area and sure enough, there was a pile of broken glass and my dad's jacket.
    They gave me the jacket that was under the back seat. So bizarre. Campus security said, "Oh yeah, that model of car is stolen from that lot all the time for the nearby chop shop. It's hard to find parts for that car nowadays." Well, thanks.... When we found the car wrapped around a tree in a nearby neighborhood, (the thieves probably didn't know that you had to warm up the car for the brakes to work XD), we found that even the lane changer thing that I bought had been taken from the rear view mirror. Why take that thing? I liked that thing... and it cost what... $5 maybe? but you left me a $40 jacket? Wutisthisidonteven...

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    Default Re: Stooping TOO Low

    rack, listen to this....
    back in the stone ages, my first apartment had those communal mailboxes located inside a locked door foyer.
    in order to post my outgoing mail, i attached a plastic clothes pin to my box. just a plain blue plastic clothes pin like you would use to hang clothes to dry.

    everything was fine for a couple weeks, then one day i went down to the mail area and the clothespin was gone.
    thinking that maybe i wasn't supposed to put it there, i spoke to the super. he said no, it was fine and that he didn't remove the pin.

    peeps will steal anything. they do it for fun, because they can, and, i think, because it gives them pleasure to upset others.

    what are you gonna do, not have nice stuff? peeps confound me.
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