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    Default Halloween!

    I'm just curious what everyone's plans for halloween are this year, if you participate? ^^ Pumpkin carving? Party? Just sitting at home giving out candy to the youngsters?

    I'm going trick or treating for one of the final times (getting too old for it xD) and carving a pumpkin with my sister. I'm using Racktor as a design template! Last year I did the symbol of Drulkar:

    Free advertising for Istaria! XD

    So what're your plans?

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    Default Re: Halloween!

    I sometimes like to dress up in an outfit (usually werewolf), hide around corners/behind cars/in bushes and scare the hell out of people...

    My dogs have gotten in on the action too, they put their fierce faces on and growl and bark loudly at anyone approaching the house. I'm so proud *wipes teary eye*

    Then there was the time that i got escorted back to college by the police when i was younger...
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    I'm doing...nothing XD
    probably will play on istaria all day on haloween; since i'm too old for trick or treating now...and the previous years i have only went out to take the younger poeple on my street.
    Of course, the traditional stuff my face with haloween based cakes will always happen

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    It'll probably just be a quiet day at home for me; scary movies in the dark befoe hitting the day-after sales for discount candy.

    I'm not too old to celebrate, I'm just too broke.

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    Cool Re: Halloween!

    I will stay at home and prob be on game, I am to old and where I am there are no young ones around, so I will gladly spend time with my friends. Maybe have some scary ^^ movies playing in the back ground....I hope you all have a safe and wonderful day and the ones I know in game I shall see you there ~Arya~

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    Default Re: Halloween!

    Think ill be making it a point to spend some time in Istaria on the 31st XD
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