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Thread: Dragon Tutorial Island

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    Default Dragon Tutorial Island

    We are in the planning stage for a new Dragon Tutorial Island. All new dragons will start there and receive explanations first of how to use the interface, and then the major game concepts that are important to Dragons. I do not want to bias you further than that, I would just like you to list the topics and sequence of presentation that you think would best be covered for a brand new hatchling. The present tutorial is totally insufficient for Dragons (and not so great for bipeds). We will be doing the biped version next.

    David Bowman
    David Bowman

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Hi David,

    The tutorial should be informative enough for even the 7 day try-out players or people who are new to this game style of massive online gaming (like I was) to learn fast about the game and I greatly appreciate the fact you guysare trying to createa Dragon Tutorial Island.

    I made a short list of things that I personally encounted and what might be interesting to use in the tutorial:
    - More explanation about the use of hotbars.
    -More explanation about the use of the chatscreens.
    - Maybe some pointers as to the Allocation of Training Points and what each statistic value as to strenght/health/dexteritydoes.
    - A more detailed crafting tutorial to include all resources (Bricks/Bars/Gems/Orbs) and simply be taught to use all crafting abilities or at least have them explaned like Scalecraft/Spellcraft and Transmutation.

    Especially with the crafting of the bricks it took me quite some time to discover how to activate my abilities and after they were activated on how touse them.

    I hope this is helpfull and look forward to hear more news. [:)]
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Quote Originally Posted by David Bowman
    We are in the planning stage for a new Dragon Tutorial Island. All new dragons will start there and receive explanations first of how to use the interface, and then the major game concepts that are important to Dragons. I do not want to bias you further than that, I would just like you to list the topics and sequence of presentation that you think would best be covered for a brand new hatchling. The present tutorial is totally insufficient for Dragons (and not so great for bipeds). We will be doing the biped version next.

    David Bowman
    First off, I think this is great. If you want more character interaction, perhaps have two biped training islands (or one large one with multiple resource fields). I think most will soon seek the creatures around Kion/Parsinia/Sslanis for their trophy drops. Just keep the zombies and some token sub level 10 monsters for Edge and other quests.

    First would be an overview of Istarian lore from the dragon perspective. A lead toward the Token of Knowldege (Medallion of the Gifted task). Oh, please add in a comparable, long-termdragon reward for that . . . perhaps an armor crystal with some of theMedallion of the Gifted properties.

    That leads into an overview of the two dragon cities - Helian Chiconis and Lunus Dralk - and that they have trainers for skill tasks starting at level 10 and generally every 10 levels. Also mention the colony at Draak.

    Dragon abilities are our tools, so something about hotkeying crafting abilities. I have been asked so much (and had problems myself) of using them effectively. The same for Sprint and adventure abilities.

    How hoard benefits the dragon - currently armor and dragon breath damage.

    Thecrafting as before of sandstone slabs to bricks to scales and shards to spells. Have afew sandstone outcroppings for finite number ofsandstone slabs for the items - Sandstone Strength Chest Scale and True Grit I spell. The trainer says it has the formulas the dragon needs for Beginner and Journeymen, talks of crafting for hoard, and the value of biped made potions and cargo discs.

    The adventure as before with a grouk and a token trophy item to hoard. The trainer talks of hoarding dropped items and trophy hunters. Should also list the dragon spells.

    Binding to shrines.

    The tiered landscape - the tiered cities and their trophy hunters.

    The Historian that is north of Chiconis, who should be sought as a hatchling nears its 30th season. An overview of the two major quests - Become a True Helian / Become a True Lunus and Become an Ancient Helian / Become an Ancient Lunus.

    Dragon lair plots and that you'll learn lair crafting later.
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    those things definiltey need to come first....the basics of the game mechanics, crafting, and adventuring.

    but at some point, later on in the tutorial it is ESSENTIAL that the concept of Hoard is explained to them.

    As well as the idea that they take the trainer quests from the dragon cities every 10 levels to get their ablities up. Otherwise htey have no idea about that.

    And I think it would be nice to mention something about the Rites of Passage as an Adult, just so they know that is coming :).

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    I would have to say,
    First and formost Give them a breeze spell and train then on what the "breezes" are.
    Then Crafting
    Then train explain to them hoard.
    Then explain Loot( Hoard, Comps, Trophies, Junk)
    Then show them how to fight, ( if they havent Skipped all the way here.)

    The problem i have even with my own suggestion is I skipped all the way to fighting myself. I didnt even join my crafting school till I was level 15 advent and had a few DPs under my belt.
    I also didnt know i had to have it to grow up till around then either so that might have had alot to do with it.

    So mixed in with all that "skill" learning we need to give our new hatchlings the history lessons of the Dragons, and i truly think it should be taken away from the trials of the gifted and made a seperate quest. Considering the trials gave me what some XP and a reward for a Naka..

    Give them hints to what RoP consists of, atleast let the youngens know they have to be a crafter too and show them what to do. Also for gods sake give them a Dex scale form instead of str. Dex is metal str is stone stone = lowest possible hoard for them to craft themselves.

    Also teach them what a "coffer, Bell, Scepter, Crown, ect, ect," are even if you have to give them one of each eith 1/4 the hoard of brass versions it would be a nice boost from their "mother" when she sent them out into the real world to be able to use silver strike when they get it.

    Explain Hoard Cap ( i still dont unerstand it completely I just know i need an Insane amount now and am NO where near it) but explian what it does for them and how they "use" hoard with those attacks.

    Well that about covers my thoughts :)
    Good luck DB, I cant wait to see it, i may make my next Dragon after that just to check it out

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Just one thing to add to the List.
    Tell them they can Only Use primal magic but can craft all spells.
    Most hatchies consider it logical to make a flame bolt as flame sounds draconic.

    I myself had made all bolts before i tried the primal, and then discoverd how spell schools work.
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Number one thing tutorial needs is a detailed explanation of how to use the hotkey bars including how to assign abilities and spells to them. This needs to be there especially for crafting. Pretty much every new hatchling who is new to the game asks how to craft, because they don't know how to use craft abilities.

    Also the spell that the trainer gives us to practice crafting should be a primal spell useable by a level 1 dragon and should explain (as per previous poster) that dragons can craft all spells, but can ONLY use primal spells. It only confuses new players to give us a biped spell.

    The tutorial should also offer some basic Istarian history and perhaps a rough layout of the continent.

    Order I think the tutorial should have:
    1. Basic interface (movement, sitting, jumping, etc.)

    2. Basic combat (including how to put spells and combat abilities on hotkey bars). New players should probably get their first taste of being a dragon in combat rather than crafting so the combat tutorial should come first. Basic combat section should also explain how death points work and how loot works.

    3. Map use - including how to open/close, resize, place markers, use filters, etc.

    4. Basic NPCs - vaultkeeper, consigner, pawnbroker.

    5. Leveling up, including a detailed explanation and walkthrough of the training point system.

    6. Basic crafting (starting with a detailed explanation explaining that dragoncraft abilities must be activated by first moving them to a hotkey). The basic crafting section should walk the player through making a complete useable item as is the case now. Furthermore, this item should have some kind of practice tech on it. Explanations here should be EXTREMELY detailed describing EXACTLY what to press at every step of the way.

    7. Hoarding - tutorial should have a section describing the benefits of a hoard and should walk the player through how to hoard (for this tutorial give the player a bronze urn or something to get them started hoarding).

    8. Disk use -- new players often ask about how to use a disk. While a new player is not likely to have a disk, this could at least be explained through text that you need to equip a disk and double-click the disk to open it when you get one.

    9. With the basics out of the way, the tutorial should offer some optional information such as: (a) a detailed explanation of what all statistics do, (b) a detailed walkthrough of the information in all the tabs on the character screens, (c) explanation of bounty markers and lore tokens including what they are used for and how to trade them for forms/techs, (d) Group and guild commands such as how to start/join a group or guild, (e) more full description of hoard including detailed description describing exactly how hoard works complete with equations.

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    I think what David Bowman is thinking is a Dragon tutorial island withdragon playing aids. The biped one will also be done.Having too much will overwhelm a player.

    What AE should consider is anonline help guide with pictures and screen shots for each of the blue gem topics - from chat to equipment to training . . . each of them. Archive that information into a downloadable Adobe Acrobate file (.pdf) and players will have a guide. Make both printable for easy reference.

    Really, the get the most out of a game, you just have to read the manual.

    This would also showcase Horizons' excellent UI system.
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Thanks for the input. I'll continue to monitor this thread.

    David Bowman

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    This is a good idea :)

    Make it so that we can fly to it from the mainlands. i can't fly to ritual, but I know it's down there. All I wanted was picture along side Lord Ryson Stormbringer.


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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    I think Fireclaw summed up what i wanted to say, but just didnt near as well. I would second something done on what he said!

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    this is a off topic question can we hae bibeds that can ride dragons but only if the dragons say so.

    what i mean by this is biebeds make a dragon saddle and try and trade it to a adult dragon if the dragon accepts the trade the bibeds can ride it.

    but dragons must be like levl 40+ to where the saddle.
    bibeds must be 30 in craft or so.
    only if the dragon accepts the offer of the trade.

    agian jsut a suggestion i didnt meen to get of topic.

    for lunus only the ones that they think are worthy.

    thanks agian
    saphire lunus of order.
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Horizons was (at the time) the first MMOG that I had played. Therefore I didn't know the common commands that might be similar to those in pervious games.

    Here is a list, in order of frustration level caused, of issues that I had trouble with:

    1. The abilities window -It is easy to use, but I didn't find it till I was lvl 8 or 9. This needs to be made explicitly clear, as it is a very important part of the gameplay.

    2. Chat Windows - The way HZ chat windows work was a wholly knew XP for me. Even simple things like /tell <username> <message> escaped me for a LONG time. I thought I was alone in this, due to my lack of MMOG XP, but I have talked to new players that kept inviting me to private chats to talk:) rather than use the /tell. These need a thorough explanation.

    3. The Equipment Window - I don't think I had trouble with this, but looking at it now I can see how someone would.

    4. An explanation of the Consigner - For whatever reason (my own stupidity likely) I had a great deal of troubles with the consigner. Pawnbrokers were fine. Was it a bug that has since been fixed? Maybe. I just can't remember.

    I wish I had writen these things down. I sent in tons of suggestionson these issuesway back when, before Ifinally gave up hope that even the most minor of changes I suggested would belooked at.

    5. I think that you should add an explanation of loot. How some things are trophies, and some are techs, or formula's, or whatever. I was really pissed when I discovered that soul fragsand gurok bristleswere worth something. I'd tried to pawn them unsuccessfully, and decided that they were junk. Opps. I wonder how many good items I deleted because I didn't know they were valuable?

    Now that many objects have icons this might not be so big of a problem. Granted, I'm sure someone coming here from a loot intensive game like EQ didn't delete loot, even if it didn't look like anything special. But for someone like me, just entering the market, the whole system was mystifying. I assumed that most items I would get would be trashcan worthy.

    EDIT: I agree with what fireclaw said. Except for one thing. I'm not sure that the optional help should be included in-game. Not unless you make a very extensive in-game help file (which you don't seem inclined to do). Therefore I would suggest making a begineers page on this website, in big bold letters. Unmistakeable. And a link from the tutorial to the website saying that here is a place for additional info you might eventually want. IE. Stats explained; all abilities listed (like they are), but also fully documented; full listing of all standard spells (not special ones like Dark Cyclone, or Thundercloud. Those are different. Same thing goes for quest abilities like the wishgiver ones, and any racial quest abilities we will eventually get).

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    I think this is a great idea and Look forward to seeing the biped one.

    For dragons it should include the same as the existing tutorial that is movement, fighting, crafting binding.

    However it should also grant the young hatchling some hoard and tech them of hoard, and tech them about combat abilities, casting spells and the use of the in game interface including hotkeys, chat channels, etc. Some useful / commands should also be made mention off such as /tell /shout

    As for the order of these things

    Communication (G to greet and others)
    Select trainer
    Adv trainer
    Learn about basic combat and get a fight
    Get level 2 and silver strike learn about hoard
    Learn about Hotkeys and combat abilities
    Adventure trainer tells you about armour and scales then refers you to craft trainer
    Craft trainer
    Explains what resources a dragon can use
    Explains about hotkeys and how to use your craft abilities
    Gives you a chance to make 2-5 of each resource type (orb,bar,brick,cut gem)
    Gets you to make a scale
    Informs you that you can make all spells
    Makes mention of techs and give you training tech and comps to play with
    Gives you the form for primal bolt and gets you to make one
    Informs you that you can hoard these items and that hoarding provides benefits to adventure
    Refers you back to the Adv trainer for lessons on casting
    Adv trainer again
    Teaches you about casting and that you can only cast primal spells
    Again mentions hotkeys

    After this they should have sufficient basic knowledge to begin in the land. Perhaps as part of a quest they can learn about cargo discs from their craft trainer on the starter isle.
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Others have covered the key points pretty well: hoard, trainer quests, and crafting abilities being the big ones in my opinion.

    I think it would be handy to separate the tutorial into two parts: one that explains the basic crafting, combat, UI, etc. features that are common to dragons and bipeds, and then one that explains how dragons differ from bipeds (where you can explain the dragon single-school setup, the hoard, and even hint at the Rite of Passage). At the beginning of the tutorial, some way or another distinguish between players who are new to the game entirely, and those that are just new to dragons. Those who are new to the game as a whole will be guided through the entire tutorial, and those who are simply new to dragons can shortcut past the common stuff and straight to the dragon-specific info.

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    The one element thatmessed meup when I did the tuorial was the explanation of formulas. I eventually figured out that they were in my inventory and that I had to scribe them to use them.

    Its been a while but I didn't recall any explination that when recived, formulas were in fact items to be used, andnot automaticly added to your knowlege base.

    Something else that might be considered is explaining that dragons gain scale slots over time, that they arn't all avialable from the start.

    Also one final note: cargo disks. No mention of them that I remember

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    I won't set a list since others did it well.

    I'd just like to stress about doing advices or even little quests that make the newbie:

    - join the shard main public channels asap since else we cannot "see" that a newbie arrived and he'll be alone and equipment less.
    - get some dragon lore
    - know that as a dragon he must craft. It's not an option. And please add somewhere a clear reminder that to become adult the needs crafting and hoard.
    - aware that he will have to pay a visit to Chiconis, Dralk and Tazoon to do his ability quests. There are dragons level 30 that never knew that they had to do quests at all.
    - aware that there exist a quest at floating island that gives a cool scale. That quest is targeted at dragons level 1 but it's hard like hello to find it at the beginng. I myself found it by chance at level 30ish and just because it has been the first time I saw that there was a dragon trainer over there.
    - aware that hoard is very important.
    - aware that they can craft all the spells but use only those marked as "primal".
    - aware that techs exist and are useful (valid for the biped training isle too). Many low level people arrive at tier III before they even know exactly what a tech is.
    - aware that mobs just don't drop armor. So MANY enter and ask what mob to kill to get an armor...
    - aware that being in a guild helps much. New players don't know it. My latest guildie did not know of guilds so he already self-crafted all his weapons and armor. Probem is that he hates crafting so he was already quitting the game feeling forced to craft everything himself.
    - aware of the exact craft sequence and give an item in reward if they do it so they don't skip this step. I passed days teaching to newbies who "skipped all" the basics of crafting. It's not all that easy for a guy accustomed to other exceedingly simple crafting systems.
    - aware of the "certified" drivers that work well with Horizons. I.e. all the "oldbies" know that you must have the Cathalyst 3.5 or 3.9 version for ATI cards or you will have gamestopping problems. And that 1 Gigabyte RAM is a good starts, not 256M. So MANY complained of poor performance because the specs were SO different than what printed on the box.
    - at the last stage, aware that such useful commands like /tell and /gi (add others as needed) exist.
    - in the end, remind them that there are downtimes for maintenance. Seems so obvious yet so many newbies get caught by it.

    The latest points may be included in a document (maybe an online version) acting as user manual. David, your crew and you created such a powerful game but it's not really easy on newbies. Not easy as in "easy to climb levels and kill mobs" but easy as general usage. All that flexibility comes at the cost of complexity. Some newbies are really newbies and at their first MMO. Myself I am at this game; like them I just play a MMO because it got playable dragons.
    Notice: if you plan to make an user manual please make it online, NOT in PDF and with MANY pictures and screenshots. Like the uber-newbie ones I made for this forum.
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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    ...a nice idea, but how about ADDING SOME WRAITH ECTOPLASM TO UNITY FIRST!!!

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Hmm havent seen any one comant on this yet so here it goes

    Please give a detailed explantion on how dragon earn there ablities from the dragon trainers in chic, and dralk that is my main concernc and the most I have to repeat myself onto newbs how that sytem works

    that is all DB thanks for listen to the players :)

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    Default Re: Dragon Tutorial Island

    Good point about the ability quests. Every dragon needs to know them and how important they are. Also the hoard. I think one of the first quests they should be given (after they can craft and fight) is to raise their hoard to some level. In giving the quests tell them exactly what to do.

    I think asking people to read long sections of text is asking for trouble. Many won't. Instead of a few long sections of text going through the history of dragons, Istaria, the WA or whatever, have many shorter sections each of which ends in a short quest to help illustrate the point. Sort of like teachers giving homework to drive home the point of the lectures.

    Unfortunately, some people skip the tutorial and are then bugging others for days afterwards wanting to know basics they would have learned if they'd been willing to invest 10 minutes in the tutorial. I guess there's not much that can be done about them.

    Of course they need all the usual mechanics. Bipeds and dragons equally need to know about hotbars, basics of crafting etc. (well, crafting and fighting would have their own perspectives of course, just like now).

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