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Thread: Symazok Re-imagined (A Recording of RP and Muses)

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    New life.

    That's how far it had come.

    Would they be like her? Would they have the same disease, the same ability to see into the crack of the astral plane?

    It was not yet dawn. Only the palest smear of light had appeared over the horizon, thus far. It slowly spread over the land in a dull, gloomy haze, just barely illuminating the treetops of the forest they had left behind them. And ahead of them, nothing but a sea of fog sporadically flung across gently rolling plains. The only thing that marred otherwise completely flat landscape was the fault line... an earthquake in the past had jammed a massive shelf of earth and rock into a nearly vertical cliff, ancient stone exposed to the air in horizontal bands, at occasion pockmarked with old caverns and hollows created by underground waterways and long-since decomposed flatbeds of plant and animal. Ever since that mountain had risen, water bubbled up between the meeting of it and the plain, until a small river ran alongside its length and pooled out into boglike ponds here and there.

    Symazok was up on a ridge of this cliffside, a ledge that curled around and dipped into one of the largest of caves. Her massive green body was perched like a gargoyle upon its edge, long and thin muzzle lowered and wings arched like a huge dome above her. The dragoness was a strange mix of burly and serpentine, bearing the fluid muscular grace of a snake and the physical cumberness of a grizzly bear. Hooked claws looked just as dangerous and overlarge as her scythe-like teeth, short frills fanned open in the chill air in order to capture any additional warmth. Smoke trailed from her nostrils and past the small, golden eyes.

    Moving along behind her, however, was an even larger dragon. Muscle had been piled upon muscle into a behemoth of a dragon, rough blue scale spread over both flesh and fat into a beast built like a mountain. Each step upon the ground scored lightly colored marks into the stone; on such a resilient mass as rock, each step was accompanied by a tremble, a reverberation. The saurian face twisted in order to examine the green dragoness, and lips curled into a cheshire-cat grin. Cinrase was leading a small progression of bipeds, each of which trudged glumly and nervously up to the cave, loaded with supplies.

    "How ironic that you would capture me against my will, Cinrase, and that I would end up standing for your cause despite it all..." Symazok's low voice rumbled in the quiet air, neck slowly arching to pull the thin jaw up into the air. One clawed forepaw lifted from the ground in order to grate across her abdomen, claw against scale much like the sound of gravel grinding against itself. Beneath that armored hide, several leathery eggs were being formed. "I suppose, ultimately, I always knew what I would do in the end. I would do what is right."

    This only earned a guttural chuckle from the dragon behind her, the beast lumbering into the cave in order to lead the naka-duskael. He would spend time getting them set up, of course... it wouldn't be the first time they moved. But it wasn't like anyone was still looking for her, anyway. Symazok's frills flicked back as she remembered what message had been relayed... and she slowly turned her eyes on the horizon again, black smoke now trailing from between the hooked teeth.

    "You would not give the world for me..." the green dragoness rumbled quietly. "But Cinrase will. And it will be in good claws... rest assured." Golden eyes flicked up in order to observe the star-strewn skies, and a long, slow hiss began to emanate from her, nostrils flaring. "Dragons from the stars... Naka-duskael of the land... Aegis of the Void... you will all be dealt with. One step at a time." She slowly began to stand up, then, the sudden weight upon her left foreleg causing the ground to crumble beneath one clawed paw. At the slight shift of weight, she grasped at the falling stone and tossed it aside with a low snort. "It will be a better world by the time I am done... a better world for the best of the best."

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