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Thread: Istaria Completely Down? :(

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    Default Istaria Completely Down? :(

    please move this to proper thread if on wronge one.

    tried on both my desktop, and laptop, and got the same error


    Connection Error: Cannot connect to Server.

    edit: never mind, it took up to 6 times, but I got it up. O.o
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    It depends which server board I think is which.

    Default Re: Istaria Completely Down? :(

    I know this is completely off topic, but where in the world did you get that awesome looking launcher? I have 2.0, yours says 2.3... blight patch?

    Anyways, I've had some reason 12 errors getting into Istaria recently. Not sure why.

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    Default Re: Istaria Completely Down? :(

    That looks like the launcher used for Blight, that has not yet been rolled out to live. It is really cool with extra features, such as letting you put in pictures of your character in place of the default picture.

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    Default Re: Istaria Completely Down? :(

    Yep blight patch. love the look, and extra features. ^^
    Still get a timeout error upon launcher start up though. rather annoying, but at least I can get into game.

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