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Thread: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

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    Default Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    Greetings fellow Istarians! I am sad to announce my scheduled departure from Istaria by the beginning of June-- I just don't have the time or desire for this game anymore to justify putting money into it, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. However, my loss may be your gain, because this means I have a lair to sell!

    The Glittering Dark is a 100% finished lair with a full set of T6 machines/NPCs and a variety of storage. It's also located rather near to Dralk, in a spot with a boatload of natural attractions and no danger (now that the lava oastics are on Valium). Please see my sig or this link for further details. This lair is, in short, my pride and joy: a treat to design, fun to build, and a joy to inhabit! So I'm looking for a new owner or caretaker who would be leaving it mostly as-is-- renovations or tweaks are fine, but if you want to tear out half of it and rebuild, well, I'd rather just sell you the empty lair and stash the Novians. My initial asking price is the base property price, but of course I'm open to negotiations.

    I have until June to get rid of this lair, so spread the word: I'm looking for anyone who'd want to buy a fully-built lair to use & preserve for the public's benefit. Interested parties are encouraged to contact me via Private Message on these forums to talk!

    Spread the word. Tell your friends! If you're not interested, maybe you know someone who is. And regardless: thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    Aw man, if I had the slots and the coin I'd totally snag a hold on this! Hope it finds a good new owner~ (Slee should totally squat there until his lair is fixed. Hur hur)

    Slee Maogrin- Chaotic, spotty warmonger of Order~

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    I would take it for now, but I can't completely guarentee I'm going to have my 2 lair slots for however long you'll be gone, and I don't want to lose a beauty like the Dark there. Sorry, thickle, but if no one else shows up to take it, I'll hold onto it for as long as I can.

    Also sad to hear you're losing interest! I always loved running into you when you're digging away at golems on the Island of Ice and seeing that big purple snaggletooth grin. Hope you'll get the inspiration again soon.

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    Definitely tempting... it's always useful to have tier 6 crafters around, especially in that area. I'm sad to hear you're heading off... will you at least remain around the forums? You are... or at least, were, one of the star normies around here. Despite how I somehow never stumbled across you except maybe once... I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time, perhaps.


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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    I'd be interested, Thicklesip. I've an available plot spot
    Cauri BloodBane - Order
    100 DADV / 100 D C R A

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    So sad Thickle
    You will be missed.
    Your good spirit will be missed.
    Your intelligent inputs on forum will be missed.
    I already miss you- hope you stay with us somehow, and that you will return one day.
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    Update to clarify that the base price I'm asking is 3g778s125c, and that I'm planning to sell this lair permanently! In the unlikely event that I come back to the game, I would not seek to reacquire the lair.

    Note that another person besides Cauri (and maybe Kyrodrache?) has indicated their interest, so my current plan is to let this ad sit for several more days and then pick someone. The chosen will be contacted via the forums to arrange a specific time to hand the property over. I expect all of this to be wrapped up by the end of January.

    And to well-wishers-- I'm not gone yet! But I will miss all of you too. So many wonderful people in this game.

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    Quote Originally Posted by LOVWYRM View Post
    Your intelligent inputs on forum will be missed.

    I cannot aid you unfortunately, Thickle, as I am on Chaos. But had I not been, I would be all over that like ME on Cheesecake!
    Best of luck and hope you find a wonderful caretaker.
    Au revoir!
    --- iuvenilis --- [Officer of The Alliance]
    Demonslaying since July 2004

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    The lair has been SOLD! Radier has assured me that it will be looked after and kept open to the public. If the pawnbroker starts thumbing its nose at your requests to sell things, go talk to them.

    Thank you for the interest everyone, I hope the lair continues to help whoever can use it!

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    Default Re: Selling lair: The Glittering Dark!

    Open permissions are already set for the pawnbroker, T1 and T2 storage, and shops. Libraries and other storage will come. If anyone has a problem with the lair permissions please message myself (Radier or Rexlyn). I want to keep this beautiful location available to everyone on Order!

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