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Thread: Advice that certainly annoys

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    Default Advice that certainly annoys

    It is fine if a friend or family member wants to give advice, but when it is a complete stranger and unasked for at possibly the most inappropriate time it is highly annoying to the point of insanity.

    I watched an episode unfold in the doctors office today, and it drove me bonkers. I don't know what makes any person think they can preach to parents in any form, in any way they choose, at any time. And I don't mean other family members who at least have a vested interest in the children of the parents, but complete strangers. And why do they always have to choose the most inappropriate time to try it on as well? It was so tactless and I don't think they were thanked for the unwelcome contribution. All behavior like that does is irritate others and show how rude and ignorant you can be.

    Maybe I don't understand it, but I know it annoys me to no end every time I see it. As a society we don't find it acceptable to do this on the fly to other individuals like married/dating couples or anothers' other intimate personal business affairs. So there is no excuse for a green pass to be given for someone to have such obnoxious behavior towards parents/grandparents they don't even know. They preach that parents should lead by example while they don't do it themselves. The next generation would learn alot more about respect and courtesy if these preachy individuals showed their own by minding their own affairs and using a large amount of tact if they feel they absolutely have to say something.

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    Have no clue to what was said by whomever it was to those particular parents (maybe you). But it is also possible that the parents have a deny everything they do has any effect on the outcome and won't accept any advise.

    So, whatever I am posting you may take or leave because no details or actual situation was posted. I take this as I have read it. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!

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    Not me hob, but I do have kids of my own and I've had this same egotistical, self righteous, know it all judgement passed on me by child-free strangers before. Thing is, you say parents should accept the advice of complete strangers who are childless and have no children of their own who feel its their right to preach to parents?

    That's not a view I hold as correct. Its a double standard in society that shouldn't exist. It is ok for a perfect stranger to give random parents advice if they feel like it, but giving advice to a stranger in public about other personal affairs isn't. For example, I don't know you at all but if i went up to you in a public place after less than thirty minutes of observation and said 'Hey I watched how you and your g/f (wife) treated each other. You shouldn't treat her like crap. You need to court her more and take her out to dinner.'

    How can I possibly make advice based off of my own opinion and a flawed judgment like that without it coming across as insulting and shoving my nose into your affairs, of which I don't have any obvious knowledge of but think I do? That's what I mean by tactless and rude. I'd expect to get absolutely told off for inappropriate behavior if not your signifigant other to possibly come up and slap me. That's the way these people I'm ranting about act, and that is the kind of behavior that drives me insane and along with anyone that would think that its ok to do this.

    For the details, this couple was waiting in the lobby with their child, about 10 or 12 at a guess. They were waiting to get into the minor injury clinic and the poor kid must've been sitting there a good while. He had an icepack to his lip with a towel on it and there was blood all over it. There was no one else except four adults and that kid in the lobby.

    So one of the parents is talking in conversation to the other and one expletive, which really isn't an uncommon one in the english language, passes in the conversation between the two adults. Now this expletive was not at the kid, not about the kid's behavior. Actually for being in obvious pain and bleeding like that, the kid was really well behaved. Now given that we live in a military area, you will hear some of the worst cuss words out of the soldiers here, and in front of kids of any age. (this doesn't go to say for their behavior... which is filthy) No one ever says boo about it.

    But this woman who doesn't even know them at all just starts snapping at these parents that they shouldn't say that in front of their kid and proceeding to preach to them how they should raise their child. Aside from being totally annoyed at this woman for her rudeness, I'm nearly laughing at this point because this woman obviously isn't from the area and doesn't know that the language of that kid's peers here is full of far far worse. Granted the mother finally lost her temper and shouted back that she didn't know this woman and didn't ask for her opinion.

    As if the parents needed anymore stress. I've been in an ER with my little ones before and the last thing you need is some stranger giving you grief when you are worried about your kid and trying to get them seen and taken care of. I think i'd have been more worried about the kid and how he was doing because I went in before they did. The staff didn't even ask how he was.

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    Default Re: Advice that certainly annoys

    If the parents of the child were idiots and in some way putting their kids in danger, then someone else speaking up (looking out for the kids) isn't necessarily out of line.

    No way to really know since I was not there. But a blanket statement "Thing is, you say parents should accept the advice of complete strangers who are childless and have no children of their own who feel its their right to preach to parents? That's not a view I hold as correct. Its a double standard in society that shouldn't exist." isn't really right either.

    There can be dumbass parents who need advice.

    There can be dumbass people who give advice.

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