(I am ashamed of myself for disappearing like that! Leaving a story open without any notice what-so-ever... But not to fear! I am back and hopefully for a long while. I will still be doing the story 'Seryan Elreng: Sight of Flame (Chapter One)', for any of you reading it, but I think I aught to get out the first chapter for my new character. Actually, I had no intention of making another white and red character, seeing as I tend to stay with darker colors most of the time, but oh well. Another peppermint it is! Enough with my rambling and onto this rather dark story~ ... Oh, and sorry about how short it is.)


When she had first come to she knew she had awoken before then. She'd known that the ache of the thirst deep within herself had not always been there. She could not quite remember however WHAT she had been prior to the thirst and therefore let it be. Seeking such knowledge would only end in hurt, for reasons she knew and did not know. She instead set to remember what she could. She knew her name of course, and that it was Maryam slithers, and that she had a twin brother, by the name of Varithen Slithers. Where he was and what he was doing however evaded her mind.

Maryam stood from her sitting position to look in the nearby puddle, to see if what she saw herself as was familiar. It was. Iridescent white scales and red, diagonal markings that traveled along her body rather than around. She recognised the round snout and long horns that curved ever so slightly into a sharp point at the end. She also recognised the frills rounding out her cheeks and decorating the top of her head and down her neck. The thing she did not recognise was the slight... movement? of her markings, as if they were alive too and breathed themselves. Her gold, nearly amber eyes stared disapprovingly back at her, and she looked away. What had become of her? What was this, this aching thirst that made her want to dig her claws into another of her own kind and rip till their blood pooled.... the thought terrified her.

With a small shake of her head Maryam set off to find another in the red, hot land. As she went she noticed she was on an island, that of which when she got to the cliff's edge she could see housed many other young such as herself. That thought of tearing into them came back again and she looked away and instead went to the bridge overhanging the valley in between the two cliffs. As she went she looked up at the floating, spinning rocks, wondering how they did such a thing. Her idle thoughts were interrupted when she stepped on soft ash, that of which she knew, for some reason, was only in that form here when there was a nest with eggs... she looked down, to see that she was correct.

Three, large ovals sat together in the soft ash, all just starting to hatch. She watched in fascination at the birth of those new lives, and when one of them had finally broken out of its shell and stumbled to the edge of the nest with loud squeaks... she clamped her teeth down on it before she knew what she had done. There was a moment of struggled gurgles from the small, soft thing as it's blood dribbled onto the ground below, and then it was still.

Maryam immediately backed up in horror. What had she just done! She'd killed another, and just out of the egg at that! Mortified, she took a few steps back, but then the smell hit her. the blood pouring out of the dead thing. It's smell was so potent and powerful that she could not help but walk back up and stare at the deep red seeping through the ash. A deep and dark instinct took over then, and she clamped her teeth back over the body and sucked, and the red filled her maw and dripped down her jaw and she swallowed. The thirst was pleased, if only for a moment. when it welled up again she took another swallow, and the body was empty. It dropped onto the ground and she looked to the other two eggs, and as each emerged, she did the same to them as well. Her mind returned to her and she just sat there, staring at the horror she had just committed, now knowing what that thirst was.

And so it was. The young dragoness turned vampiric started her quest of lonesome, and with it this story begins.