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Thread: To meet a beast... (Open roleplay, feel free to join!)

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    Default To meet a beast... (Open roleplay, feel free to join!)

    (Sooo, I need to develop more on Maryam. Her personality and story in full is not yet complete, but I develop more in roleplay than on my own. Also; lots of art done by myself over on deviantart as well as info you may or may not need on her. here's a link to my gallery: )

    Tazoon was quiet empty where she was. The day was hot but the water was cool, making it's magic all the more enjoyable. Maryam slithers had only recently found their numbing qualities. She watched the blue droplets from the mist roll off of her white and red scales, wondering what on Istaria gave them the numbing effect.

    (I am horrible at starts- forgive me!)

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    Default Re: To meet a beast... (Open roleplay, feel free to join!)

    Spark was not too far away enjoying some much needed time to herself since she and her sister were always running around she noticed the strange hatchling "who are you?" she asked

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