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    i am looking to buy or trade a spare demonskin staff for a mace of divine intervention .. or if anyone could tell me what creatures drop this treasure I will go hunt them

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    haven't seen that mace in a loooooong while
    if i recall correctly, its one of the supremely-uberly-superly-dooperly rare drops from the t6 bosses (like mohs and such)

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    Velea recently mentioned that The Zealot (Paladin sword of the same variety as the Mace you seek) no longer drops ie, she didn't find it in the loot tables... However, someone recently said they looted one from a Death Dealer... so I'm sure what the story is. Unfortunately I am on Chaos and nor do I own a mace myself. But as suggested, it's likely a uber rare drop, so I wish you the best of luck
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    Here's the thread where she says that, if you're curious:

    Haven't seen any of the rare drops like that lately, but will tell you if I find one.

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    its been a very long time , since that mace is not ingame anymore.
    its as rare and precious like BHM or triple PV scale.

    A soggy staff or any drop ingame from any boss for MODI - is not a trade anyone would do^^

    and btw- like Guaran said in another thread:
    Zealot is.. nice to have- in your cabinet where you collect antique items^^P
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    A long time ago, Blights in the ED used to drop the Mace, although it was very, very (very) rare for them to do that.

    Like Azath said, those weapons, Mace, Zealot and Rancor would drop from the T6 bosses, ie Tibur, Surthiem, etc but...... they all had a loot table make-over so they no longer drop. Dark Stalker up in Valkor's castle also had the drops.

    As Guaran said in the other thread, the drop rate from the T6 bosses didn't make it too difficult to obtain the weapons, so long as you were able to round them up and slay them.

    The T6 Bosses also used to drop the set jewellery pieces that the critters at the north outpost near the ED dropped. Those event critters are gone and so are the jewellery piece drops. (nearly got them all)

    Those drops (weapons, jewellery) were great collectables. Sadly all of this old game content has been removed from loot tables and now exists only in the vaults and backpacks of the elderly and the departed.

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    I was one of the forunates to obtain the mace of divine intervention. I recieved it while playing on spirit world, but I do not remember exactly where I obtained it. If I die with it equipped, a major heal goes out to the players, but am sorry cuz I dont remember much more about it.

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