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    So far I love the game. I've challenged myself to build my first house by myself. I was wondering what the best way way to go about this would be? I'd like to focus on the gathering school, but dabble in a few other crafting schools.

    Also, I noticed that some schools have skills that overlap (mining is in both jeweler and mining, i think). So, does it matter which school currently active when I'm mining? I'll still get general mining skill?

    Lastly, do you have to learn a adventuring school? I was thinking about doing a pure crafter/gather build.

    Hope that made sense. Thanks!

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    wel, I can't really answer your first question, but, if you don't want to be too dependent on others, I'd suggest raising blacksmith a bit, so you'll be able to make your own tools once you have to upgrade them.

    and well, mining not really a good example for this, but whenever you do something that requiers a certain skill, and you're in a crafting school that has that skill, that school will get experience, now this doesn't go for the gathering skills like mining, quarrying, essence harvesting etc. only for the processing skills.

    also, say you have jeweler up a bit, and miner as well, however, the mining skill is higher on jeweler, when you switch to miner, you will still keep the higher mining skill from jeweler.

    and well, you don't HAVE to learn an adventuring school, however, it can be really nice as there will be areas with creatures where you find materials, which will simply hand you your behind as soon as you start harvesting, and buff schools (I think cleric gives augmentation, could someone back this up for me please? haven't played in a while) that give augmentation, will allow you to use "gifts" on yourself, these raise strenght, armor, health, dexterity, etc. but one really important one is alacrity, which improves how fast you attack/harvest.

    hope I helped a little here ^.=.^

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    For building a house, there are typically 5 constructions schools:

    Enchanter: applies the spheres and sources (essence, or the magic materials)
    Carpenter: applies the timbers and braces (wood materials)
    Fitter: applies the (forget names) (metal materials)
    Weaver: applies the bolts, taps, tarps (cloth materials)
    Mason: applies the keystones and blocks (stone materials)

    I think that's all of them. They are all separate schools. Not all structures will necessarily need units from all schools, example the lamp-posts don't need metal or stone. But houses will pretty much need units from all the schools.

    There's not overlap in skills directly between these schools. But as meepsa mentioned, other schools have overlapping skills, and skills you can use when leveling the construction schools. Blacksmith is a good start, which gives you tool-making, weapon-making, mining, smelting, quarrying, stoneworking (I think it even can make armor and wooden weapons too). Tools will be needed for the construction schools, and the raw materials for fitter and mason can be processed by a blacksmith (bars and bricks, and maybe even wood boards).

    Fitter will get fitting exp from making bars (very small amount if I remember right), from making the fitting units, and from applying the units to a building.

    Miner only gets experience from making metal bars and stone bricks. Miner gives high quarrying, mining, stoneworking, and smelting skills per level.

    Gatherer is the cloth,wood,essence equivalent of Miner. Gatherer only gets exp for processing those raw materials into orbs, spools, boards. But gatherer gets a high amount of skill per level, so don't take it too high right away.

    Blacksmith gets 7 or 8 mining/smelting per level. Miner gets 10 smelting, 11 mining per level (iirc). Once your skill gets so high, you no longer get exp at all, so you don't want to get miner too high, or the exp from making bars is reduced when in other schools. Granted making bars isn't giving huge amounts of exp anyway.

    The general rule is:
    blacksmith, outfitter, can take these schools to 100 right away.
    Miner, Gatherer, Tinker, only take these schools to 80 at first, finish them off only after all other schools are done.

    Outfitter gives foraging skill, plus spinning, which you need to gather and then process thread into spools, which Weaver then makes into the construction units. Outfitter also makes cloth and leather armor.

    Spellcrafter gives the skills needed to gather and process essence into orbs, needed for Enchanter.

    And there are other schools with some overlap as well, Jeweler gets gemcutting, jewelry making, mining, smelting, and I believe quarrying.

    Scholar might still get essence shaping, not sure since it was changed to include papermaking and scroll making.

    Fletcher gets wood weapon making (Fletching) along with lumbering and logging skills: chopping down wood and making it into boards, which carpenter then makes into braces and timbers.

    There are other examples.

    Also, base stats like strength, dex, power, focus, add to your crafting skills. Mining and smelting are mostly strength, weaving is dex. Leveling an adventure school which gets also of strength, like berserker, will add to your craft skills. An adventure school at level 100 also will allow you to wear t5 jewelry, with triple t5 techs, and at a minimum t5 cloth or padded cloth armor. This armor may be light on "armor" but it counts as t5, so you can triple tech it with t5 craft techs. So if you level up an adventure school to 100 (cleric would be a good one, since it gets healing plus augmentation) then you can wear t5 craft teched armor and jewelry, plus have some base strength, power, etc. You can start out weaver school with 300 to 600 skill from all the gear.
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