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    I have an update on the guild Regicide. We now have some requirements to join guild, due to having a so called 'reputation' that we rather make vanish as soon as possible. There are now certain requirements to join guild as well as rules to remain in the guild.

    Rules are Below:
    - NO bullying or harassment of any manner in guild. It is okay to joke around, but if you hurt someones feelings, apologize and let it go. Do NOT bully or harass people based on their religious beliefs, sexuality, or anything else you know would hurt them.
    - NO cursing in main chat like a sailor. We do not allow this, for there are children playing this game and they do not need to see your foul language.
    - NO power-leveling of ANY kind! No crystals pass level 10+, no power-leveling whatsoever. Period.
    - NO begging for help. Yes, ask for help and we will try our best. If we say simply, "You don't need help with that, you should be able to do that on your own" it is for a REASON. Do not question it. Just go do it on your own, simple as that.
    Please speak with grammar and use English please. We do not understand when you say "Idntknowere2gofur disqust!"
    - Be a respectable person. Hold the Regicide name with pride. If you don't want to, save us the trouble and leave guild.

    If you're a hatchling, you have to have a adventure level and crafting level in order to be in Regicide. Also, you need to have a subscription. Although, if you're deciding if you should get one, you can get in Regicide if you need a layout of the game. We will most surely introduce you to it. But, if you go offline more than 2 months, you will be removed from Guild.

    If you would like a guild invite, message any of the members of Regicide and we will invite you for sure. If you meet the requirements. If you are not in guild, and you see ANY of my guildies violating any of these rules, notify me personally by either messaging me in game or emailing me screenshots to - [email protected] - and I will remove them if I see the proof. You can also email me if you have any other issues, including with myself. I will admit when I am wrong if I am confronted in a calm manner that does not include vile and rude behavior.

    I also would like to apologize if any of my guildies offended anyone in the game in any way. Some are in-fact kids and I try to keep them doing the right thing. But most importantly, we're just a guild trying to have fun on the game! So, join the chat channel, get to know us, and maybe join!

    See you all in the game!

    - AngelofDeathXx

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    I'd like to add another thing. If you see any Regicide members disobeying the rules of Regicide, simply email me at "[email protected]" and notify me. They will be removed from the guild within seconds, I assure you this. You can also notify me here on this site by messaging me. OR, private message me in the game. I can't do anything unless I see it, or someone lets me know and I am not always online.

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    Regicide Update:

    We have a trailer now, if you wish to watch.

    The guild now has two sites, a Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and a Youtube.

    Regicide also has a guild lair for the guildies. It has many silos, and T6 Shops as well as a T6 Hall on the way.

    We do Boss Hunts, and we do a thing called Area Hunts where the Master of the Hunt or Guildmaster chooses a specific place to go (for example, Dralk/Char) and we go there to kill whatever is there in that area. Gaining experience sometimes, gaining items to sell for money, learning the area we are in like the back of our hand/paw so we know where to go from then on, it's very beneficial.

    If you wish to join Regicide, you must have:

    -Atleast 7+ Adventuring and Crafting
    - Three guild vouches or Guildmasters permission
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    Hello! Heres an update on the guild. We recently got our leadership back in check, and we're going to hold a few days of leadership camp to train these leaders PROPERLY. The new leaders are the following:

    Guildmaster Adviser: Illiade Istalri
    Co-Guildmasters: Nightwish, Tigershadow, Levitus, Xariia, and Opalsky.
    Guild Advisers: Igno and Cyans
    Guild Crafters: CloudFrost and Jayyke
    Masters of the Hunt: MooMoo and Elahnor

    We also have updated our outside of game URL's. Here is our OFFICIAL information and ONLY information. Our sites are the following:

    • Website: (contains guild news, mission statement, information, guild rules, contact us, leader biographies, guild lair information, player mod's, and many guides written by people inside the guild and outside it.)
    • Guild Tumblr: (contains guild news, and other random posts.)
    • Guild Facebook: Regicide - Istaria (news.)
    • Guild Youtube: GuildRegicide (guild hunt videos, trailers, etc.)
    • Deviant-Art: Guild-Regicide (guildie artwork and screenshots.)

    That is our only websites/social media accounts that are our official sites. On the main site you will find information about our guild.

    Thank you,

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    Hello! The guilds mascot recently ascended to ancient-hood. Here is a picture.


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    wish i could have made it and hey angel


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    Default Re: Regicide Update 9/5/2013

    Hello, dragons and bipeds!

    Regicide has been working hard to improve itself. So, we have a new system for recruitment to keep the good quality people in, and the troublemakers out!

    If someone wishes to join Regicide, they go to this website:

    They click on the "Apply to Guild" tab and they fill out the application. Your application is reviewed by an administrator and either accepted or denied. There is information there about the guild, a huge list of mods for the game (I believe all of the mods that are available to the public), there will soon be a thread on the forums just for guides if people need help with RoP, maybe how to lairshape, etc.

    You must have the following to join Regicide:
    • A Subscription
    • Level 10 Adventuring and Crafting
    • Guildmasters permission for joining or 3 guild vouches

    We are not only a dragon guild, and we are wanting some more peds to join in on our hunts. So if you're a biped and would like to join in on the fun, notify one of the officers in game or myself via email.

    AngelofDeathXx - Guildmaster - [email protected]
    DeviantArt: AngelofDeathXx-Chaos
    Twitter: Agent_Nj
    Illiade Istalri - Consul - [email protected]
    Opalsky - Consul - [email protected]
    CloudFrost - Consul - [email protected]
    Nightwish - Consul - [email protected]
    Cyans - Consul - [email protected]
    Vervanda Strongclaw - Consul - [email protected]
    Derrial - Consul - [email protected]

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