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    Of lately I've been having a lot of trouble with undead that love casting various versions of the Spell:Flame Bolt and other fire spells so it makes sense to me that I get a spell to protect me somewhat. However the Flame Ward spell requires a minimum Flame requirement of 280,which I can't get and no Dragon vendor that I currently know of has such a spell. Is there a way I can get some form of this spell?

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    No, you are correct, as a dragon you do not get any Flame skill. Only ped mage-type schools get this skill. A friendly person may cast it on you should you ask for it. Flame Ward will help you dodge flame spells, Flame Resistance will reduce flame damage; both last 15 min.

    As a dragon you can cast Arcane Refusal which adds to Flame, Ice and Energy Wards (evasion). You can also boost your Flame ward and resistance by putting such crystals into socketed scales. There may or may not be a scroll which can aid...

    Aside, undead are notoriously dangerous as they have a large arsenal to draw upon and are quite social coming to one another's aid.
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