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    The mob known as Lieutenant Torrek seems to have promoted himself to Commander Torrek and secondly is extremely hard to take down,due to his escort of mage-spamming undead,which have killed me twice. Is this the correct mob,and if so,is it possible to pull him,minus his escort?

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    I remember luring him from the road and away from his minions.

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    It is possible to pull him. You can go from Sslanis and hug the mountain, or if you're approaching from the north, you could catch him and move him down the hill past the ruins.

    Undead are one of the most difficult mobs for their tiers.

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    Just finished with Commander Torrek the other day, and, if it's possible to pull either him OR his body-guard, alone, I spent a lot of game-time being unsuccessful; worse yet, while it was him and a single body-guard the first few times I tried, the last time he'd acquired two additional friends, and the four of them came after me each time I thought I'd be able to pull the Commander. Finally, one of my Guildies took pity on me, dispatched the three henchman, and the Commander was toast.

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    Yeah I kept pulling him,his bodyguard and the other 4 at the entrance decided they wanted to play as well. I didn't think low-levels mobs would hurt that much,until I saw the onslaught of fire spell spam,enmass.

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