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Thread: Leaving due to several issues

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    Default Leaving due to several issues

    first, one company messed up my ability to make my payments to play. second, the game is getting so messed up by the ones that control it. so now, it's time to say good-bye to my friends and fellow players. it was fun while it lasted, i had a good run. but i seriously don't think i'll ever be returning as a paying customer.

    take care all, and have fun.

    to my good friends.. you know how to reach me via skype, or e-mail. keep in touch

    good-bye folks,

    Mali ( The Leezard)

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    Default Re: Leaving due to several issues

    Malicore, I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving. We always work hard to make sure the game is fun for everyone, but we understand that we cannot please all players at all times. The issue with Clarity is open for discussion and we've been clear about what the bug is that is prompting the change (perma-stun is no fun no matter which side you are on) (though we are reverting back to the original for the time being). The change to Battlemage too we're reverting because we did not intend for it to go live at this time without further discussion or changes to support it in the school.

    We always welcome your feedback and suggestions about items you like to see or changes you feel would improve in the game.

    Thanks again for playing Istaria and we wish you the best in the future and wherever you end up.
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    Default Re: Leaving due to several issues

    I am sadden to hear that you are leaving . you have been a great friend and mentor . it will not be the same without you

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    Default Re: Leaving due to several issues

    I also am sad to see another player leave when the cause of leaving is the developers making changes. They should want to try to keep players from leaving.

    Keep in touch, Malicore. I have enjoyed playing this game with you over the many years.

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    Default Re: Leaving due to several issues

    Hey Mali- you know that is one of the few things we disagree.

    In my eyes devs and Istaria deserve patience and the will to work together.

    Anyway- be prepared to get hot ears^^

    See and hear you my friend:-) Miss my lezzard and the green room!
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    Default Re: Leaving due to several issues

    I agree. I'm on the brink of it myself. Although I don't know you that well, I can imagine I feel pretty similar. I hope it doesn't come to this for me. Plenty of other games out there and new ones cropping up daily. Maybe you'll find some other entertainment to fill the void.

    Can appreciate your insight and posts on these forums. Seems a shame to lose a caliber of player such as yourself. Godspeed!
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    Default Re: Leaving due to several issues

    Awww! sadness..
    Though I do understand the frustrations of changes/glitches in game. But every MMO that I`ve played always has a few bugs each maint. period. One thing that`s kept me going is that at least Istaria`s developers you can actualy talk to directly about your issues. most other MMO`s are so impersonaly you`re lucky if your message gets through at all. o.o
    But I understand *huggles* hense why I sold my lair on Chaos. too glitchy lately, and hearing so many others complain of unplanible/buildable lairs I just gave up. I`ll stick to plots XD

    Hope you find another cool game, I know there`s a lot of new ones out there, and some with dragons too

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