Hello all!

I decided to start a site called; http://istariainformation.yolasite.com/

It is simply a website that has Istaria Information. I will be adding to it and tweaking it a lot over this next week, but I wanted to let you all know it so you could perhaps begin using it to make your gaming experience in Istaria a bit easier. Soon I will upload a few guides that my guildies have written, and perhaps write a few more guides myself. I also plan on TRYING to see if I could update some outdated information (if I run into it) on the Istaria wikia. It'd be appreciated if others could do the same as well if they see an error in the information so others could get accurate information. I find this important simply because it could perhaps make it a bit easier on the new players to the game, for I understand that some find the game daunting, confusing and a bit intimidating when they first start.

Thank you, and have fun in Istaria!

- AngelofDeathXx