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    Here's a few rants I have had lately. I've never posted in here before, and I am not so sure what good it will do, other than to get it off of my chest - but we will see. If I come up with more at a future date, I will add to this thread, rather than start a new one. So anyway, here's my opening salvo:

    Rad's Rants:

    1. Yes, it is very cool that you can colorize your text in chat windows, but understand that the *background* of my chat windows are black. If you choose to colorize your text to a dark color, don't be surprised if I choose to ignore you, rather than spend the next several minutes trying to decipher what it is that you just said. Trust me - if you aren't important to me in some way, it's very likely I don't care what you said anyway...get over it.

    2. Far be it from me to tell you how to play your game. We all do what makes us happy while we are here. However, if a gaggle of you choose to spend your time sitting in a coffee clutch primping, preening and boasting right smack in the middle of New Trismus town square, don't get all butt hurt if my toon ends up running through your toon. Complaining to me about it will have absolutely no effect on me, whatsoever. Deal with it.

    3. I'm a very nice guy - really, I am. I actually *like* to help newer players along by crafting something they need, or helping on a quest, etc. but understand something - if I choose to help you in some way, I am doing you a FAVOR. If you start speaking to me, or acting towards me like I am putting you out or like I owe you anything, I will finish doing what I said I would do for you - and that will be the last favor you get, from me - ever.

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    Lol, love it.


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    Though, in case your window is mostly (or totally) transparent and you are at a moment in bright areas like snowy icy lands, dark colored text will be more readable. : )

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    I would have to agree there Rad. And also, it would be appreciated if dragons decided to NOT sit right in the middle of New Trismus, just for the sake of socializing. You take up a lot of space and being a new player trying to find my way around, you are just making it more difficult. Thanks

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    Run right through them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruliyam View Post
    Run right through them!
    oh I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruliyam View Post
    Run right through them!
    I prefer to play skipping games over their tails and maybe tie their tails together with thread from spools I carry with me.

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    That was really wordy. Can you sum up for me in approx ten words? Thanks!


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    I think I can do that...or something vaguely close...this is what I think he said:
    1. Don't use extremely dark or extremely light font.
    2. Don't block the main traffic path and complain if folks run through you.
    3. Say "Thank you!" when someone does something you ask for.

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    Roger that. I prefer dark fonts from ppl I don't plan to listen to anyway. Blocking paths is stupid given the terrain in game and I always thank ppl that help me.

    The more I think on it. There should be a semi ignore cmd that just changes font to dark grey so you know they spoke but you don't have to clean the blood out of your eyes from their stupidity.

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    I recognize this sarcasm, from in the game. I know who you are (D'Vara)! Naughty in the forums too, tsk tsk. But I won't tell.
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    If anyone should have input to a rant it should be me!

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