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    Many this post is probably one of the hardest things I have done after 8 years of playing, mostly sporadically this past year, I think it is time to call it. The game is to expensive for me and I don't log in enough to justify it anymore. While the community is great a lot of my old friends have moved on. I would like to thank those who have made my last years in Istaria great.

    My leaving is purely financial, perhaps someday I will return...but as for now I am unable.

    I want to extend my most heart felt thanks to the dev team and the community, it is because of this game that I embraced becoming a fantasy artist, and that I have made so many friends and had great adventures.

    My sub is up in a month or so. I may pop in from time to time. My lair in Chiconis was transferred to a close friend so it will not be lost.

    If anyone wishes to contact me outside of game you can always find me on Deviantart or send me a private message on here for my email/skype. I shall be lurking around.

    Best wishes, and God bless you all.

    <3 Agua

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    awww! *huggles Agua tightly, and pats reassuringly*
    I know the feeling Agua, I actualy just made 2 of my subs annual ones for the same reason. once those are out, I may have to cancell them as well. Money`s tough these days.
    Hope things improve for you, and you can eventualy return. I`ll miss RPing with yah in game, but at least I can stil chat with you here, on DA or on Skype.
    if you don`t have my skype feel free to poke me a PM and I`ll give you my name on there

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    Aww sad to see you go, you know I have my various breaks so understand entirely where you are coming from. Hopefully you will pop in occasionally to say hi and I will attempt to pop over to DA but I'll warn you in advance I'll probably forget *chews tail sadly*
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    I'm sorry to see you go, though I understand why you have to. Take care and come back when you can!
    You can get anything you want in life -- just make a lot of noise and bite the right people.

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    will miss you Aqua,
    all he best for you
    hope to meet you again- somewhere-somewhen

    take care *waves sadly*
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    *serves AguaRush an [Imperial Urn] full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    Hope to see you again sooner rather than later!

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    Default Re: A Sad Farewell

    *huggles agua* i dont want you to go agua

    -sparkcal ruby defender of new trismus *also a close friend of agua*
    I am very lucky to know my bonded mate and even luckier still to know i am always on his mind and he on mine for that i am very happy.

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