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    Question Craft School Bonuses

    Does dragon crafting give you extra stats or bonuses for your dragon adventure class?

    The reason I ask is that I already have an adult dragon that does all the crafting and now I am making a new hatchling. I will keep her as a forever hatchling, so RoP is not really a factor. I know she will sacrifice the bonus that you get when you do the RoP, but will she be missing out on other stats (power, strength, armor) for not doing the dragon craft school?

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    I...don't know how to exactly answer that question :I


    Here is a link to a page that shows how much of each stat is gained per level from each school.

    Dcraft is 5 points per level across the board, while dadventurer is 20,7,7, etc etc. So I would so that you don't gain a stat boost from leveling craft, unless of course it's higher than your adventure, in which case you would gain stats.

    However, I /think/ you might gain armor per dcraft level >.> I can't remember.

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    Nope. it won't affect you adventure wise.

    You only get sats from whichever school gives you the most in a feild - e.g. if i have a lv11/100, they'll get their stats from craft, if i have a lv100/11, they'll have stats from adventure

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    If a craft would have higher stats at lvl 100 than and an adventure class itll overwrite the value. That being said I dont know off hand if DCRA gets anymore of anything than Dragon Adv.

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