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    Question Adventure Rating Questions

    First I went up Cleric to level 21 (rating at 21), but I wasn’t crazy about all the melee. I changed to Mage and took that to level 20 (rating now 23). I love being mage, but I still like being able to heal too, so I used my Cleric points to add Healer to the mix. Healer started out at level 20, so now my rating is at level 25!

    I feel like I have messed up my character’s rating at a very young age, but I am pretty happy with the Mage/Healer mix. I am determined to stick it out, but I have a few questions now…

    1. Best XP - Do I have to fight level 25s for the best XP, or do I still fight at level 20?
    2. Tokens – Is my token list going to now be based on level 25 mobs or will they still be level 20?
    3. Groups – If I group with other level 20s, is it going to negatively effect the XP for me or for them?
    4. Rating – If I leap frog the two classes up at the same time, is my rating going to just keep getting worse, or will it always just be 5 points over my current class level?

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    1. The best experience would be the highest level monster with the least amount of downtime.
    2. Tokens? Do you mean trophies? If so, they're in brackets. 1-10, 11-15, 16-20, etc.
    3. Take into account rating not level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracillion View Post
    Do you mean trophies?
    Thank you Dracillion. Sorry, yes I meant trophies....
    If my level is at 22 and my rating is at 27, then do I get trophy quests for 21-25 or 26-30?

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    Trophy brackets are by level, not rating. Rating can go as high as 278, highest trophy bracket is 96-100.

    At 22, you would be in the 21-25 trophy range. Also can be seen at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracillion View Post
    Rating can go as high as 278...
    Wow, are there mobs out there that are level 278??

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    No. They are under 135. I mean the ones that are farmable for xp
    The ones that i liked to farm were about 125-128, for example.
    Northwind * Ancient, Crafter, Lairshaper * 100/100/100
    Northpole * Spoiled biped * 100 BTLM, 100 CLRC, 100 RVR, 100 RNGR, 100 MAGE, 100 WIZ, 100 SORC, 100 CONJ, 100 SPRT, 100 DRU, 100 HLR, 100 GRDN, 100 MON, 60 WAR, 44 BRSK/SPRM, 40 CHSW * 100 BLK, 100 OUT, 100 JWL, 100 ARM, 100 WPN, 100 FLE, 100 FIT, 100 MSN, 100 SCH, 87 SPL, 85 GTH, 85 MIN

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